Electroneum Follow Up

Yes I did address the childish attitude among adults in this video.


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  1. Jason x31x32x33
    Jason x31x32x33 says:

    It's interesting how scammers always find their marks. And the marks are always the biggest defenders of the scam until they finally see that the sugar bowl is empty. Don't invest in scam coins, folks… especially coins that obviously pay people to endlessly troll for them online. Take your money and invest in something solid.

  2. Manic Mute
    Manic Mute says:

    This guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. He just talks shit. That seems to be what people like on youtube though.
    Electroneum is a good project which is going to grow in the next year, don't believe the ignorant people who say otherwise.

  3. caedmonv55
    caedmonv55 says:

    I understand your frustration but I think you would be better served to just do what you know is good analysis and ignore the haters. Until the FUD/FOMO culture goes away in this space (these recent dips will go along way toward that; hell maybe it needs to be halved again to finish weeding them out) there will be a lot of trollbox noise among the actual investment advice.

  4. Electroneum Rich
    Electroneum Rich says:


  5. Anthony Balzotti
    Anthony Balzotti says:

    Pathetic video, very immature to throw a fit like a child while ironically calling your audience children. I would expect more maturity from someone who served in our great military. The fact that you said 75% of people will agreed with you and 25% won’t because they are wrong is probably the most conceded thing I’ve ever heard. Get it together and make some quality videos and cut out all your BS rants. No one watches these videos to waste their time on listening to you cry. You’ve created a channel to be informative and now that you have followers you have an obligation to actually follow through. Stop the BS and get back on track.

  6. I Gave Them Hope
    I Gave Them Hope says:

    There is a lot of weak hands and immaturity flying around with Electroneum right now, even in the Electroneum nonofficial facebook community pages, really irritating, just hodl. Complaining about everything that's going on or about pricing is not going to help the coin or the community, if you believe in decentralized currency then acknowledge that throwing a tantrum when a coin is in a correction is selfish, especially given the power it has to help everyone. This is freedom of money no matter what crypto you're in, so back up the projects you truly believe in and pay no mind to the haters. I'm not saying this to or about Altcoin Buzz but to people in general. Jeff, I love the channel, keep it up. I want to ask you, have you read any of the Electroneum "Facts And Futures" page? They explain why their exchange approach has been slow, It's way more up to date than the website, I recommend checking it out. Supposedly the mobile miner is out in a beta version, they have a tutorial vid on Facts and Futures and they are on more exchanges waiting to go live, haven't confirmed yet.

  7. Zain Saeed
    Zain Saeed says:

    I respect your intuition and thoughts. Sometimes you just need to ignore the trolls and inexperienced people. People learn investing better when they f**k up and lose money. Then they will start listening to both end of the spectrum and not just blindly defend the coin. 90% of these cryptos won't be around in few years. I'm a Millennial and I learned it the hard way. Hodl and TA always wins, Buy low and sell High. Guess it also my experience in the Stock Market for a year before getting into crypto.

  8. Derf Lagwagon
    Derf Lagwagon says:

    Jeff, I valued your original critique of electroneum and hoped it would galvanize them into fixing some of the things you spoke of. However, this "follow up", which wasn't a follow up at all, but simply a diatribe against the negative posters is extremely disappointing. First, youtube videos do have an effect on coin prices, as do myriad other media postings. Did your video effect the price temporarily? Yes, probably. Secondly, .01 is 10% of the coin's value at the time, you say one cent like it's nothing, but in this case that's significant. In the grand scheme of things the price drop is meaningless, but by defending yourself and citing the one cent drop as negligible you gave credence to their myopic accusations. Nevertheless, who cares, the coins are ultra-sensitive because you have uneducated people FUDing over minor bullshit. Investors with half a brain are impervious to fleeting price fluctuations. All the haters didn't even dignify a response from you and I'd hoped this video would be a follow up on ELECTRONEUM, not you condescending to the level of your criticizers. Stick with what you know, talk about coins and ignore the bullshit. No one cares about your military life lessons. Let's talk crypto and investing, not generational differences.

  9. Jc Python
    Jc Python says:

    Im NOT gonna unsub but i wish i could subscribe twice cause this video couldn't be more of the truth, I completely agree, people need to stop blaming others for what happens in crypto. this shit happens. I'll just keep buying more and more if it continues to dip and hopefully ETN get on a better track in the near future but everything takes time and we cant expect ETN to perform in the same matter as every other coin out there cause after all we look at ETN as something different. Thats why we invested in it cause we see how its different. Give it time and have patients, if you no longer believe in the coin or need faster gains then sell it all now and move on. bitching and complaining will do nothing to help your cause.

  10. Dominic Burrows
    Dominic Burrows says:

    Agreed Jeff…we are still dealing with kids around who knows only about Lambo and they will eventually learn it. Just be focused and continue to do this amazing Job. You are the most honest Youtobian I have ever subscribed to..Thanks to @Altcoinbuzz..You guys are amazing.

  11. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
    Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid says:

    The last 4 years of market trend show the market goes down in January and rises again going into February. If people would just stop freaking out and realize we are prepping for a solid bullrun going into February through April, then they could stop acting like idiots.

  12. redcentredoggies
    redcentredoggies says:

    BAM Jeff!! Haters gonna hate (HGH). Some people will maintain that sense of entitlement. Continue keeping it real. Don't change a thing mate. Your team rocks and the content your channel produces is relevant, interesting (and profitable). Am also enjoying seeing your channel evolve.  "life doesn't work like that kids"…mic drop!

  13. powertoachieve
    powertoachieve says:

    I think Etn is working hard behind the scenes. Most altcoins are taking a beaten now. The bullish market hasn't taken effect yet. Relax people, Etn is at his infancy stage. They already made a few deals and will get in a few exchanges soon. Rome was not built in one day and electroneum is building the bottom base of the castle to make it a beautiful kingdom. I use to criticize Richard Ellis in etn early beginning. But has i study and analyze that coin and its roadmap and each moves they do. I could tell you this: Richard Ellis is a genius and by April, people will start to understand why he proceeded in certain ways.


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