Ripple Passes Ethereum in Market Cap

For the first time in over a year, Ripple has passed Ethereum’s market cap, now the question is can it sustain the growth or will Ethereum over take Ripple again as it goes its own bull run!


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  1. C White
    C White says:

    These are paper profits only guys. We might as well price them in monopoly money. Not enough fiat currency to pay everyone if they all hit the exits at once. What's that?.. A 14 day delay in wire transfers at Coinbase?

  2. TooTall
    TooTall says:

    Hey im posting this just to help those trying to purchase Ripple (XRP) or other Alt coins. I like Binanace because you dont have to wait to be verified to be able to buy coins or trade. Unless you try to withdrawal over like 10 or 100BTC.
    If you want to buy Ripple (XRP) you can buy it here To get your money in the market use Coinbase/GDAX These are the 3 sites i have used so far. GDAX is owned by Coinbase so you can log into GDAX with your coinbase account. GDAX has less fee's.
    Good Luck , Invest wisely <3

  3. rafjill
    rafjill says:

    Hi Jeff, have you already looked into CREDITS (cs) ? The pre- Ico has finished on dec 26 , 5days earlier as announced. Ico starts at 1 feb 2018, The alpha version will be released before the Ico starts. this one could be a competitor to Ripple. Fast transactions (1milion/sec), low transaction fees and it’s set up for the financial industrie. It would be GREAT to hear your opinion on this one👍👍 btw…. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  4. ng ash
    ng ash says:

    Hi, this Unikoin Gold coin just hit Bittrex a few hours ago! The project is solid. Gaming and working with Steam. You might want to take a look at it. Cheers!

  5. Davin Chase
    Davin Chase says:

    Why is it that I'm the only one that seems to notice that Ripple is the only thing raising while everything else is going sideways? Normally Ripple tanks big time with everything else. That doesn't seem odd to anyone?

  6. Kanglar
    Kanglar says:

    Centralization has nothing to do with having some central group create the crypto,though the likely would still hold influence in the community. It has to do with who holds the power to create the crypto and modify the protocol.

  7. Tyler Diener
    Tyler Diener says:

    Don’t listen to the hatters. If these guys dont like it, they can diversify and listen to other opinions. I appreciate the time and research you put in AB. Thanks for the updates!

  8. Ethan Stewart
    Ethan Stewart says:

    exactly, all the problems that bitcoin has as far as liquidation of coins ripple has. At least I see ripple will be bought by bitcoin or a competitor. the only reason why bitcoin is so volatile is 1) people are looking for quick gains and buy and sell crazy amounts 2)It cannot liquidate coins in a quick and easy way, and every time they come up with a solution, something goes wrong I like ripple based on the relationships they have with banks, especially in asia where crypto currency is a lot more important than here in the states. like your videos you got yourself a subscriber

  9. Charles Williams Travel and Culture
    Charles Williams Travel and Culture says:

    If cryptocurrency is to replace Fiat, then the banks must get in or they are doomed. With this fact, I see ripple passing bitcoin in market cap and price. As more banks are added to ripple I say the price will rise. Hmmmm…I wonder when this will happen. With American Express added to ripple this could possibly happen in 2018 as more US and foreign banks jump on board. Before the financial institutions/govts go down, they will roll out the red carpet for ripple and bring in trillions.

  10. Emma LJ
    Emma LJ says:

    Keep an eye out for Twitter users that have a name followed by lots of numbers (for example: @name12345678) AND without a profile picture. They can sometimes turn out to be bots.

  11. Mykehawk3
    Mykehawk3 says:

    Ripple is the gateway to merge fiat and crypto currencies. FI will use it as a mode of transportation to save on trillions of dollars in transaction fees every year. XRP is not a traitor to decentralization, it's paving the way for mass world-adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies.

  12. Meghan Larson
    Meghan Larson says:

    You do have quite a bit of power and sway. However, I do FIRMLY believe in your genuine desire to help us stay on top of the coins. Don't listen to the angry tinfoil hat people.
    Thank you for your commitment to us!

  13. Crystal Torres-Kolberg
    Crystal Torres-Kolberg says:

    I believe Ripple will be a huge currency exchange with the banks could be a very good thing for many that are unsure about cryptocurrency when Bank start promoting and using cryptocurrency I believe this thing will be huge you will find more and more people that will start investing into cryptocurrency as the everyday norm.

  14. 2openhere
    2openhere says:

    Come on DROP A LIKE for this man , these people are working hard for you. All HODL and no FUD. Thanks Jeff, soundtrack to this comment is: Truckfighters – Desert Cruiser.

  15. Prime Crypto
    Prime Crypto says:

    Dude keep up the good work.

    Alt coins is where profits are made right now and in 2018.

    BTW, if some people think it's too late to buy ripple (XRP), take a look at Stellar Lumens. They are both shooting up but XLM is way undervalued.


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