📈 Is DIGIBYTE about to make an AMAZING COMEBACK?! 😱

Is DIGIBYTE about to make an AMAZING COMEBACK?! 😱

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  1. Hamed Ali
    Hamed Ali says:

    this guys full of glue! go check his videos from start to now. complete fanny, talks shite! 

    follow people like : young investor, dre ventures, haejin lee. don't listen to this guy. he helps the whales… pump and dump…. don't let him screw your hard earned money !

  2. Okta Pereira
    Okta Pereira says:

    DigiByte Alerts:Monday, July 24th, 2017 DigiByte Update Summary- A very talented designer & brand strategist has been working diligently on a new DigiByte Logo & branding message the past several weeks. We are getting closer to sharing parts of this with the community.- We are approaching 70,000 downloads of the full DigiByte core v6.14.2 wallet since the May release. – With many exchanges slowing or stopping BTC deposits & withdrawals as we approach the August 1st deadline, many people are turning to DGB to move money from exchange to exchange quickly. – DigiByte is still 40x faster with 15-second blocks, 5 times more decentralized and secure with 5-algo, multi-algo mining and many more times decentralized with 70,000 + full nodes across the globe.- DigiByte is currently the fastest, most secure and most decentralized UTXO based blockchain in the world.- The Hong Kong team continues to work toward an MVP release of DiguSign as much feedback from the community has been very helpful in streamlining the project.- Citi bank has announced the Tech4Integrity awards have been postponed until September. DGB Holdings of HK is very much still in the running.- Jared has been actively researching open source software foundation structures and researching locations for the upcoming DigiByte Foundation to be based in. Any suggestions or feedback during this process is much appreciated. It will take a few months to properly setup a foundation in the right location.- Jared met with one of the blocknet co-founders to get DigiByte on one of the worlds first decentralized exchanges. More news will be coming on this.- As a reminder always properly backup your DigiByte wallet and make sure to research and fully understand DGB before investing or trading. Trading can be risky and very volatile. – No one on the DigiByte team will answer any price speculation questions or make any market predictions so please do not ask us.- As stated, many many times over the last 3.5 years we are in this for the long haul. We are focused on creating real world DigiByte blockchain applications and use cases.- Make sure to share this alerts channel with everyone you know as this is the most direct communication form available for DGB today.Thank you all for your continued support!

  3. John Wijnberg
    John Wijnberg says:

    I got into DGB big time …thinking would be good long term…what are the long term prospects ? cut my losses and move on …or stick it out…and hope? who knows ? appreciate your views


    Thank you, your confirming what is logic sense to me. Really inspired by your videos. And I have to share this, when we make good money it is a obligation to do good with it and to help others. Decentralization of money also. means sharing it with the people who have none.
    Just some feedback as advice 😉 do with it what you want 😉

  5. SmilieLyon
    SmilieLyon says:

    Well, btc went down, confidence in everything was shaken and digi lost ground even further. The point in the video was not the place to get in sadly. I hope no one got burned with this…

  6. stolzlos
    stolzlos says:

    reading the comments here confirms to me how little people know about investing. A well meant warning, don't buy for another 4 – 6 months. If you like prices here you will love them even more with another 80% discount!


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