Did China REALLY Pump Bitcoin? is it REAL?

Did China Pump Bitcoin or are we being Deceived ? We take a deep dive at how the Chinese Government is promoting Blockchain, media articles like People’s Daily, TV material and to what’s really happening in China. We also discuss if this market is driven by fundamentals or speculation.

#Blockchain #China #Bitcoin

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22 replies
  1. A. JAY
    A. JAY says:

    Christmas is coming, so CME, GBTC and the rest of institutional , Manipulators in general who wants to have a good Christmas playing around to suck money out.

  2. LAUCH3D
    LAUCH3D says:

    Its exchanges spoofing those shitcoins … as always? ps. you can look up the sources of volume its public…. NEO pumped on BKEX a private exchange from Chengdu China and VET is pumped on BitOCEAN a Japan exchange. Asian Exchanges like Koreas upBit are known to manipulate the markets, there are investigations against those exchanges. When 30 and some times up to 90% of an altcoins volume comes from one source … its often obvious.

  3. patazertyui
    patazertyui says:

    Interesting thoughts. Pathetic to see those bitcoin maximalists jumping up and down about a crypto which is limited to 5-8 transactions per second worldwide. Even with the help of the online constrained, very unsafe Lightning Network. Odd situation… Dev teams fooled by banksters infiltration?

  4. Matt Robbo
    Matt Robbo says:

    120% increase in searching is impressive but the article said 1,200%. Even more impressive.

    However the real interest in here is the apparent opposite stance China appears to be taking to the US. Not entirely in a black and white way in terms of currency and the tech, but a seemingly more embracing view. Cant wait to see how this pans out over the next 5-10 years. US might be at risk in being a late mover relying on private corporations to keep them in the race. (if they have not regulated themselves completely out of the race that is)

  5. Ruck Bogers
    Ruck Bogers says:

    ps why so surprised? It was an ordinary short squeeze, happens all the time. And just when that had fizzled out at 9500 and swing traders had loaded up shorts, Snowden posted something.
    China was just the fuse that set off the bomb, imho.


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