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  1. Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson says:

    Lol, targering crypto channels…
    Thats what the globalists want, TOTAL control over ypur "money" so they can cut yoy off from it anytime they want, and they are tarfeting you for talking about it, and promoting it…. please

  2. Damien Parsons
    Damien Parsons says:

    It's not just you Suppo! This is happening to others who discuss certain crypto. Tone Vays was also banned from live streaming when he attempted his interview with CW. Something fishy is up. We need to support our supporters. no matter what you think. Crypto is being attacked, not just Suppo. We all need to complain to YouTube when this occurs. We can't only rely on YouTubers like Suppoman. They are only individuals, and they are targeted by giants.
    Yes, we need a decentralized option, but first, WE NEEED TO FIGHT!! So while this battle progresses, are you going to look back at yourself doing nothing? I hope not. It's time for the VIEWERS to put some effort into this. Even if it's just one complaint to support Suppoman right now. Let's do it!


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