Bitcoin Drops 7% | Keep calm, and focus long-term!

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45 replies
  1. Martijn Alsem
    Martijn Alsem says:

    Ive probably seen all your daily updates in the last 1.5 years! Thanks for sharing and when Bitcoin hits $1mil I will come visit you and buy you dinner! You definitely add so much value every day and changed my view on how to trade the crypto market! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Stephen Ivan
    Stephen Ivan says:

    I really like the rants and overall Macro view of things. VERY POSITIVE! Thanks. Sometimes we get too close to the trees to see the forest. I saw this site yesterday and perhaps you have seen it. Its a bunch of charts with little to Zero description, BUT the overall Macro impact is quite clear, and revealing.. It shows different indicators in US and International financial indicators and WHAT HAPPENED when U.S. went off the gold standard. ….

  3. Liam selman
    Liam selman says:

    These dumps don't matter to me. Those who are long on bitcoin shouldn't fear either. Only happened oh i don't know…..dozens of times! I buy all major dips and i gotta say…… I'm glad i am cause im showin this market who's boss! At first that whole thing about the Trump administration along with some other groups that popped the so called bitcoin bubble did kinda annoy me but then i remembered that bitcoin still went from around 3,200 to 14,000! to me that shows bitcoin saying, " F*** YOU I GO UP WHEN I WANT TO AND F*** YOU I POP WHEN I WANNA POP" something like that! Great video by the way lol love the work and keep it up.

  4. Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley says:

    Thanks for the analysis nic, it's really heartwarming that you keep your positive perspective cuz many people are losing their faith due to recent events. Every time market drops i see deluded titles 'bitcoin dies', 'the end of crypto' etc. Also its nice that you coop with CoinDeal cuz it's really great exchange, very user-friendly and finally they will be available for trading in US.

  5. Jeremiah Gazsi
    Jeremiah Gazsi says:

    NICHOLAS PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON THE THESIS THST BITCOIN PRICE WILL REMAIN SHACKLED BY THE CME (and other) FUTURES FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE JUST LIKE THEY HAVE DONE TO THE GOLD AND SILVER MARKETS. Many are beginning to think Bitcoin will stay in the 5 to 15 thousand dollar range for the next decade or three. Please do a video on this! Love your channel!

  6. Aleks K00
    Aleks K00 says:

    yes, we need to be patient and remember that this is a long-term investment. I'm glad that you use CoinDeal, very professional platform. Trading there is a pleasure, now I'm waiting for the CDL Token's market (12.11)

  7. sailboat keys
    sailboat keys says:

    NIck, I watched my father ponder over a similar market trend in 1970 & again in 1976 in the gold market (yes there are older guys who watch this podcast too), as we are now watching in the Bitcoin era. Constant gathering of as much information as possible on the one hand, coupled with patience on the other, seems to always be a good position in making cognitive decisions for a positive outcome. I appreciate your continued research, focus and insight, as we travel down this exciting uncertain road of development of the future of crypto prosperity development.

  8. Alen Bilic
    Alen Bilic says:

    I am all in on crypto since mid 2017. I already had more money than i ever needed in life in Jan 2018, but i did not sell. I held thru entire bear market, took all the pain that was given, and im still holding. Hopefully i get it all back and more in 2020. I will be ready this time.

  9. VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW says:

    This is all on the traders. If they don't get rekt they end up handing most of their gains over in taxes. They are like a pump that sucks money out of the market and transfers it to government. Hodlers are starting to get tired of propping you people up.

  10. Helios Capital
    Helios Capital says:

    BRUV NICK. I was telling you about tesla. You are bearish on stocks entirely but you're missing out. They've done a great job of scaling out and building infrastructure to become a profitable company. Definitely worth a datadash type video.

  11. Enzo Rubio
    Enzo Rubio says:

    BTC is a dead duck and thus crypto is dead as well. Once the 21 million cap was breached via CME futures cash settled fake BTC governments have found an effective way to stop bitcoin ever theatening their monetary soverignity. Im sure your smart to work this out but its obvious many youtubers are making money from selling sponsors and referal links so you will continue to make excused tryjng to keep people interested.

  12. Biger1977
    Biger1977 says:

    Any connection with Coinbase raising trading fees. Myself being a small feeder fish in this sea trading .01 to .05 BTC now costs 1-5$ per trade where before trades cost .20-.50 cents. I’m more or less forced to hodl now and just buy as I can. And aware other strategies exist but for me it’s harder to squeeze a profit scalping. So are others like me in the same boat therefore reducing volume?

  13. Argy Largo
    Argy Largo says:

    Data dash is always calm when the price drops but I think your in denial. You keep saying long term but long term does not look good. The fact is btc has always been in a bear market. It’s not crossing 20k anytime soon. If it’s going to go lower why would you be averaging now. 3k is not bottom in the “long term” lol


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