WHY IS BITCOIN CRASHING?! 🚨 Evidence Exposed + Alex Mashinsky Interview

Discussing the recent Bitcoin dump and the role Bitmex and other platforms play in this.

Why Does Bitcoin’s Price Surge and Plunge so Much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdApztsrn-E


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36 replies
  1. Jan Orr
    Jan Orr says:

    Thank You Thank You!! I noticed a wick up on a candle at 7:40am to 18K and then the dump? Does that wick up support what you explained about the liquidation of long positions?

  2. Terry Osman
    Terry Osman says:

    If you look at the information and history of humans, we're somewhat predictable over time. How it will correctly play out is hard to tell.. Technically speaking, blockchain has had the potential to exist as early as the first internet networks. The need for it, or it's discovery, has taken a while since the earliest computers communications. I think the industry leaders are now adopting more than anyone can imagine, so the switch from fiat to a digital asset will be very easy. It's in their best interest. Already several stock exchanges have said they are going to switch to blockchain securities trading in as little as one year. Will be crazy to see the financial industry make a small sidestep into the blockchain. Good video, I like your ideas and you illustrate them well this way. The current trend of HODling currency for life from a financial point of view is the wrong strategy for profiting. There is a significant difference between stocks which can be based on professional advice held and currencies (cryptocurrency), and this is because most of them are hypes and highly speculative. I have made over $80,000 in the last two months day trading my BTC which I am sure would be a fantasy if I were HODling. I used a trading system developed by Mr. Shaun, and with his trade pattern and signals, I am aiming for higher highs. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on {Email: Shaunames01@gmail. com}

  3. LAUCH3D
    LAUCH3D says:

    Realy good one. A nother element of vicious cycles is claw-backs and insurence fonds. When somebody blows up. July 2018 a whale blew up on OKx betting long with 400 Million leveraged (wanted even more), he was betting on the EFT approval. So the counterside aka. all the winners had to pay the loss (called claw back). A loss of money the loser never had (because he was leveraged), this created even more pressure, so the exchange had to liquidate 2000 BTC to refill their insurance fund. The market crashed from 8k to 5.9k <3 Exploding whales is the best thing.

  4. SensiIaMi
    SensiIaMi says:

    Derivatives markets don't crash the price of the asset. This is hilarious, no price discover..!
    So what's your argument against Bitmex being established since 2014, did Bitmex create the 2016/2017 Bull market..?
    It's just a market cycle,no more nothing less. Too many moonboys out there, Btc won't explode mid 2020 reaching new ATH. It's written in the charts. This was never a Bull market. We never closed above the 61.8% fib retracement, it was simple a bull run, (not bull market)in a bear market

  5. Bill Rundell
    Bill Rundell says:

    The reason why BC is crashing, is that it is a fiat currency and had has no value.
    BC is IRS taxable and reportable by banks, exchanges and holders.
    BC has been pump pumped and dumped.
    BTC has been hacked.

  6. lakshmi srinivas
    lakshmi srinivas says:

    Google has published white paper related to quantum computing which reveals that it can solve a problem in 200 which a super computer will take 10,000 years to solve.
    This will solve a 256SHA password easily in a day.

    This is the reason why we will see a great downside to Bitcoin.


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