THE BIG BITCOIN & ALT COIN CRASH! Is the Mega Sale NOW ON? Should you sell or go shopping?

THE BIG BITCOIN & ALT COIN CRASH! Is the Mega Sale NOW ON? Should you sell or go shopping? Would you subscribe to my Cryptocurrency podcast:​​​

Chances are you have woken up to the disastrously huge crash of the Cryptocurrency market today, and the hottest game on the planet has been rendered cold, unmerciful and punishing. After reaching a record high total market cap of $91.1 billion on Wednesday 24th May, with millions of newbies entering the game for a piece of the glorious Cryptocurrency pie, $25 billion has just been pulled out of the market out of fear! The sell orders stack up like a lego construction of the Empire State Building, and the prices of the stocks we’ve been wanting to reduce for the last week have fallen like the Berlin Wall!

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.07.11.png

So what do you do now that the Cryptocurrency God has shown his cruel hand? The hand that has exposed every inexperienced trader for what they are… happy to make the glamourous quick bucks but unable to deal with the hammering losses? This is where the investor shows their mettle! You can either fold, cash out and never enter the doors of an Exchange again, or you can see this is as one of the best opportunities to go shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.19.17.png

I had been waiting all week for Dogecoin and Steem prices to fall and now they have! I have also been waiting for the right entry point for Digibyte all week and it just never came… and this morning, it has! Ok, I hear what you are saying, the price of Bitcoin has also come down, meaning that a purchase of Digibyte at from 1c to $0.008 is hardly as attractive now that Bitcoin has gone down from $2700 to now $1900. However, all is not lost. Whether this is a “correction” or just an out and out crash, Bitcoin and the rest of the Alt coins will rise. This crash is hardly the worst and it won’t be the last.

As Baron Rothschild once said “The time to buy is when there is Blood on the Streets”, and boy is there a sh*t load of red on the Exchanges today! But Rothschild made a fortune buying in the panic that followed the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon!

So you see all these reds?

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.27.58.png

That’s people having a PANIC!

Now is the time to BUILD AN EMPIRE!!

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32 replies
  1. MAW 1
    MAW 1 says:

    what are you thinking about buying more digibyte at this moment? i bought last week and now I like to double my stack. Do you think it will drop further? I missed the low from yesterday. thanks

  2. Bendz0
    Bendz0 says:

    And the Suppoman's of 2013 would have told you to "get in there" after the December crash of ~30%. Only for it to crash again down 75%…..

    I will be very surprised if we don't see bitcoin at 1500 by the end of June.

  3. theAbeElement
    theAbeElement says:

    Tried to buy btc at 1800 last night from coinbase and it wouldn't let me. I would place the order repeatedly, it said it was confirmed and said the coins should've been deposited. but no deposit, no $ out of my account. I had bank and credit cards linked. I tried adding new ones and re-adding but it wouldn't accept. Then they locked me out for 24 hours for multiple attempts. won't be using them again!

  4. Ahmad Odeh
    Ahmad Odeh says:

    7:10 🙂 yes the margin traders is pushed away… in cryptocurrency you dont need margin trade, its already high change!!
    in fact am waiting the price to came back from 3000$ to 1500$ to shopping, the price should not go to 3000$ at this time its too early, but the $$$$ trader went to loose some money on us.. they welcome 🙂

  5. Hubris Cubris
    Hubris Cubris says:

    Do you think it will fall further now? Bitcoin being at 1900-2100 pending over and over. What is the final level here?
    Also what are the final levels for altcoins like Steem, Digibyte etc. what % do you expect them to fall further? Thanks!


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