THE BIG ALT COIN MARKET CRASH? Is NOW the time to buy Ripple, PIVX etc or sell your Alt Coins?

THE BIG ALT COIN MARKET CRASH? Is NOW the time to buy or sell your Ripple, PIVX, Dash, Waves etc? Today, nearly all Cryptocurrencies have dropped in value, as Bitcoin and Ethereum reach record high values!

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22 replies
  1. NinjaMasterWoo
    NinjaMasterWoo says:

    LOLZ, AltCOins are denominated in terms of BitCoin so when BitCoin goes up a lot the bit coin value of alt coins goes down but the absolute value in terms of Fiat is unchanged. This seems lost on people. USD value is not gone down just in terms of BitCoin because BIT went up . simple math

  2. McKay Haynie
    McKay Haynie says:

    Either your a fuckin idiot or your a troll. "For the 2 weeks that I've been trading" Is that suppose to be a long time or something? I've used disposable forks and kept them longer than that.

  3. TheRealCritique
    TheRealCritique says:

    I just arrived in time to see this whole market take a giant shit. I thought I might believe in this, but fucking A, this is funny. If the globalist banking system has fucked this whole thing, look out below. That said, what will happen is asians will be so pissed off at the Federal Reserve, they might attack the USA.

  4. Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas says:

    I made alot in alt coins over the last 2 months and sold all my alts to btc 3 days ago.. because of Japanese buying up Bitcoin, it could go to 10k easily, which will crush alts even more… we need that sec etf decline to crash btc and move our money back into alts and agree dgb is the biggest profit gain to come 🙂

  5. Freeloving MGTOW
    Freeloving MGTOW says:

    This is your best video by far "If you DON'T buy Ripple (XRP)… YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER!!"

    Absolutely hilarious video. You could carve a serious niche and be a comedy star in the crypto world. There is no one bringing comedy to the scene right now. The trollbox is a gold mine of material. Steemit crowd would love it.

  6. Matrix
    Matrix says:

    no synchronization between digibyte and minecraft is going to happen. not only have they mentioned they had no connection, it was literally said that it was only on custom private server created by some other community. its just fake news which is misleading people. im not saying digibyte doesnt have a future, but it wont be pumping soon imo.


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