OMG… Digibyte SOARS!! (But will it CRASH?)

OMG… Digibyte SOARS!! (But will it crash?).
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40 replies
  1. Martin958
    Martin958 says:

    If Blitzcash can go to $1.82 (and who knows how much higher), then Digibyte can do the same and more. DGB has a Citibank conference as well as Minecraft not to mention other attendee's such as MasterCard.  Ignore the corrections and just hold for much bigger profits.

  2. George Habib
    George Habib says:

    of all the cryptocurrency reviewers you are my favorite, everyone else plays the band wagon game.

    It up bro, I'm subscribing and started my own steem page, @abitofeverything

    Hope I get some of your support there.

    Best regards friend

  3. Michael Sloggett
    Michael Sloggett says:

    hey bro, love the idea of steam. i have 50M on instagram and a huge following on FB 500k would love to learn on leveraging that to this blog platform and getting in on the community. thanks for the tips also, grabbed 1.4btc worth of digi now worth 2.1btc. i know u dont have a crystal ball but when do u think the dump will come ? im grabbing 1 BTC worth of steem now also bassed on this video

  4. Evan Mellor
    Evan Mellor says:

    Stratis, digibyte crash incoming… stratis overvalued a lot….! digibyte is good for long term… but it will crash in the next month or earlier when people find out that there are not many gamers using digibyte.. then i will be in for the buy 😉

  5. RatedMf0rmanly
    RatedMf0rmanly says:

    You're forgetting the Citibank competition. This isn't about the Minecraft hype, this pump is about the real chance that Digibyte will find traction among major investors. The coin has solid tech and is fast as shit. Any minecraft hype is just from people who Google'd DGB for a maximum of 20 seconds.

  6. Avery Davis
    Avery Davis says:

    Jesus Christ, not you too! why doesn't anyone research/look beyond minectaft. why didnt you bring up dgb has digusign and its in CitiBank competition June 9th? and that dgb is a finalist in that competition and how the fb, ibm and Microsoft will be there. With these companies craving to save money on blockchain, digusign offers an opportunity for big companies to save money. with them presenting to these companies is great exposure. i stopped at 6:00 because you sound like everybody else that takes facebook as their research Savior. my apologies if you brought it up later


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