I’ve had enough ☹️

I’ve had enough #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #bearmarket


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  1. Ludo Lauwers
    Ludo Lauwers says:

    It's a pity you stop with videos, but I understand and I appreciate your honesty! Hopefully you'll come back in better times! I really enjoyed your videos and positivity and thanks for the hours and hours of videos and work!!! Till next time and hopefully is this soon!!!

  2. Rishat Sayfullin
    Rishat Sayfullin says:

    You're the only one among all the crypto bloggers who who is honest to yourself, has brain and do it for people rather for your own pocket like altcoin daily, the moon and others. Enjoying every single video.

  3. Diddy Konga
    Diddy Konga says:

    What about btc halving? What about this dip being the last dip? It is the last time to buy cheap! So why Link is up so much? Nobody will ever buy Link again for 20 cents. You should watch Crypto Sniper a bit more.

  4. zeropointfuel
    zeropointfuel says:

    I've enjoyed your videos and sorry to hear that, I completely understand your reasoning, I wish you well have a good life,

    Oh oh oh oh oh wait what do you think is going to happen to B3 sorry couldn't resist, Later DUDE

  5. Crypto Mooner
    Crypto Mooner says:

    Aw man, you are a credit to the community and it's great to hear from you after your recent break from YouTube. I have followed you since mid 2017 and it's defo a sign of the times right now as BTC and altcoins continue to be manipulated by the whales and derivatives seem to have full control. I think it's more of a sign of the times when Suppoman puts out a video wearing a full on bear suit and explains that he's selling his bags into Bitcoin maximism 😱😱!! Look after yourself man, and please don't be a stranger forever.

  6. Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams says:

    final capitulation is coming. This video sums up what Vays and Jenks were alluding to when they said people did not suffer enough prior to the April Fools bull run. Best of luck to you Suppo. I shall remain subscribed for the day you reappear 🙂

  7. Crypto Hammer
    Crypto Hammer says:

    Your a cagey one. I think your putting up a straw man to get the community temperature. I fully agree with the space today and you tubers. It’s all fluff simply for views. Makes me sick too. Either way you seem to be a good man, take care and hope to hear from you soon. 💪💪🤘😎


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