IS BLITZCASH THE NEW RIPPLE? Massive gains for Blitzcash, Lisk, Ethereum Classic & Stratis!

Is Blitzcash the new Ripple? Massive gains for Blitzcash, Lisk, Ethereum Classic & Stratis! Would you like to listen to how I took a chance on the advice of one of my YouTube subscribers and it led to massive gains overnight?

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  1. Daniel Schreiber
    Daniel Schreiber says:

    Thank you for your great videos 🙂

    You should seriously take a look at NXT and ARDR in one of your next videos. Price is moving up steadily for the last few weeks. NXT even was the first cryptocurrency 2.0 back in the day and is actually the reason why NEM exists today. NEM was even starting as a fork of NXT but later they switched to their own code. Look at what happend to NEM price and do your math. NXT is extremly undervalued. They have way more features than NEM.

    And ARDOR (basicly NXT 2.0) is launching in Q3 2017 and price has already gone up steadily the last few weeks. ARDOR will be the first cryptocurrency offering blockchain as a service in form of child chains.

    And if you hold NXT till ARDOR launch you will get free IGNIS coins for the first child chain of ARDOR.

    They have an extremly dedicated team and community. And both platforms offer more features than many other coins I know. Check them out!

  2. MR
    MR says:

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  3. FuuuhQ2
    FuuuhQ2 says:

    I am a strong believer in Stratis because it can do almost everything Ethereum can do while its developes don't have to learn a new language. This is a massive advantage.

  4. Freeloving MGTOW
    Freeloving MGTOW says:

    Lisk and Stratis are doing the same thing that Ethereum does. They are blockchains that allow 3rd party developers to build their projects on. Lisk codes in Java, Stratis is coded in MICROSOFT code language. Ethereum is a difficult language invented by the developer which is extremely cumbersome for business because no one knows the language. Unlike Ethereum, Stratis will offer assistance to business that want to develop on their blockchain.. Unlike Ethereum, they also offer private business blockchains. Ethereum is a nerdy experiment with no business value. The reason why I said BlitzCash is because it is scheduled to be the first coin launched on the Stratis platform and it is extremely cheap with a very limited supply. Hold your Stratis. Download their wallet and withdraw it from poloniex, hold it. Watch it go up up up up.


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