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28 replies

    WOW Suppo, you were really newbie thinking here..I love this video…Look how far we have all come! stupidIy I took my time too and started much later than this of course..Just look at what you know now compared to in this video 🙂

  2. Anwar Knyane
    Anwar Knyane says:

    You know, i had around 10 000 $ of xrp, bought it like last february for 0,1.
    i was holding it like almost 10 months, then i had this fucking health problem, i had to pay for a surgery, i had money on me but i thought i would need more, so i just sold all my xrp for like 0.2, thought that it wont go anywhere.
    when i woke up after the surgery i had this call. xrp was almost 1$ . then i thought it wont go anywhere else. but it went to 3,40
    the lesson that i learned, when u invest, u have to make sure to be patient no matter what, u never know when the rainbow will appear

  3. soyeb ravat
    soyeb ravat says:

    I think if your going to make a video on trading, don't waste our time and make yourself look bad. You've stated you've only got one week of trading experience. You come to conclusions about which coins are good and which are bad. Your buying when the markets are high which then dip. Your bound to lose money. You need to leave money in and wait for it to grow. You need to do research. Xrp has recently been backed by apple and some banks. That tells me its a good coin to invest. I buy, I leave, I wait for it to grow. That's what I have to draw my conclusions. I leave you with this : "buy when people are scared, sell when people are greedy" (Warren Buffet)

  4. Juicyblunts
    Juicyblunts says:

    Lol did you hold on to that Ethereum? These altcoins are not very ideal for short term pump and dumps unless you are REALLY pumping them. I've made my biggest gains with ripple because I got in when it was at $0.01 and I've doubled my money 4 times! You just have to hang on for a good term if you expect any substantial returns. Currently I have made a little over $1400 over my initial investment with Ripple because I didn't pump all of my money into it but I saw a good opportunity to make some cash. If you really believe it doesn't matter what coin you are buying then you probably shouldn't be giving altcoin investment advice.

  5. No Ah
    No Ah says:

    Just delete this video man… its horrific advice, from a hyper-experienced crypto-trader. This video, if someone new watches it, will do so much more harm than any good. If you consider yourself a good person, delete it to protect newbies.

  6. Yaz Anarki
    Yaz Anarki says:

    your ripple was my gain. I bought it a long -time ago and I sold 10k of ripple and massive gains. If you bought ether at 11 dollars a year ago. you regret ether? look the world is opening their eyes to crypto and hold it. 24 hours, please give it a few months


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