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24 replies
  1. TreeMover
    TreeMover says:

    Presearch PRE barely moved during this correction and I can honestly say it was one of your best picks so far for me. Thanks for the suggestion I have a feeling this one is going to have a huge run soon.

  2. Jordan Lang
    Jordan Lang says:

    What about *TITANIUM* !!!!!!

    1. Q1 2018 Cloud storage use case ready to GO
    2. BBB, and Duns and Bradley accredited ( First ever to have this)
    3. Exchange ( Dexchange) decentralized listing the top 200 coins for free, and lowest fees period !
    4. BBB decided to be first customer for could storage after reviewing business, not to mention CEO Michael Stollaire's contacts with Fortune 500 companies from his 20 years consulting firm EHI where he developed software that cost 10's of millions !!! for companies like IBM, INTEL, DISNEY, APPLE, GE, EBAY, PAYPAL, BOEING, MICROSOFT, and says he knows all the decision makers so no such thing as a cold call for him to pitch blockchain tech.
    5. ICO Incubator where they will walk people through the ICO process where they must be accredited also like Titanium.
    6. CEO is an adviser for many other cryptos like Electromeum and is the reason they are getting listed on big exchanges.
    7. Not to mention his one stop shop plan for any large or small business to entire the space with all the other services like: Infrastructure as a service, desktop as a service, company as a service, CryptoEscrow, etc…

    Watch the CEO Michael Stollaire say that he will make this the first Fortune 500 company from the crypto space !

    Thumbs up if you like TITANIUM !
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  3. gespilk
    gespilk says:

    Cryptocurrency shows signs of Ponzy scheme.
    Complete collapse expected in 2018.
    Scientists proved that online payments (like Visa, PayPall, etc.) are no different than Cryptocurrency for the average user.

  4. Arvosta
    Arvosta says:

    Through this link you can register for new project (my personal invitation link). Only email registration and adding telegram nickname needed to qualify for free airdrop of tokens.

    Registered accounts will get 30 day airdrop of tokens approximated at 50 tokens per day.

    InToken is a utility token used to purchase referrals for B2B customers. InTokens can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The token’s value is derived from the value its holders place on its utility. (White paper can be found on the front page)

  5. pnr
    pnr says:

    I dont understand how people trust what is written on the webpage.
    I can easily make a website which I claim I am a founder of bla bla and working
    with people from big companies and have partnerships with big companies.
    How do you confirm what is written on the webpage is true??

  6. Stephen Phillips
    Stephen Phillips says:

    Most people were all in when the so called black friday sale was on and shitting a brick whether they would get their money back. Telling people new to crypto to load up when they are unsettled is not good. It's ok if you are Suppoman because you have seen the pattern before

  7. Stephen Phillips
    Stephen Phillips says:

    The man that said Icon icx was overrated. Some good calls to be fair but if you follow a so called guru blindly you will be in the poor house with a tin under a subway asking for real money i.e fiat.


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