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24 replies
  1. Joe Cole
    Joe Cole says:

    Did not hear o TokenGo yet? It is the project which captures a big flow of target audience. Very interestingly platforms on start of the ico and the cryptocurrency look. For those who want to earn, exist bounty program, in which a set of jobs for any taste. Huge perspectives!

  2. M G
    M G says:

    You guys should check out Refereum ICO. They have close to 75,000 members in their telegram (most ever for an ICO) and their platform pays gamers for gaming (first platform to do this). Monthly rewards as well and pretty cool community, no joke. If you want use my referal link or search Refereum on Google.

  3. Александр Денисов
    Александр Денисов says:

    Hello, everyone! 3 days ago the ICO of NaPoleonX began. It is the first crypto asset manager piloting trading bots. The link: And one can get additional 5% bonus (in NPX) if using a referral code. Mine is: WHYWOCCT. Use the code after proceeding KYC & AML in your dashboard interface. And notice that only 5 people can use one code. Finally, one will get additional 10% bonus till the moment, ICO cap is 10 mln EUR.

    На русском:

    3 дня назад назад началось ICO NaPoleonX. Это первый стартап, который занимается управлением активов с помощью децентрализованных сочетаний торговых ботов (Decentralized Autonomous Funds). Команда проекта родом из Франции, топ-менеджмент имеет многолетний опыт работы на руководящих позициях в BNP Paribas и других крупнейших инвестиционных банках. Подробнее изучить проект можно по ссылке: За указанный период уже собрано более 5 миллионов Евро (в ETH-эквиваленте) из требуемых 15. Если вы инвестируете в проект до того момента, как размер собранных средств превысит 10 миллионов EUR, то получите 10% бонус в токенах NPX. Более того, после прохождения процедур KYC и AML-верификации, применив в личном кабинете на сайте мой реферральный код WHYWOCCT, вы получите дополнительный 5% бонус в токенах NPX.

  4. hollie summerfield
    hollie summerfield says:

    Week 3 bonus is 15% everyone, remember you can buy in with PayPal or BTC 🙂 use coupon code SC10 to get an additional 10% bonus tokens on top of the week 3 bonus 15%! Coupon tokens are manually distributed at the end of the ICO 🙂

  5. Jeremy White
    Jeremy White says:

    Suppoman, why not cover the hidden gem known as ProCurrency (PROC)! Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank is solidly backing that coin – and they have everything going on about it that Satoshi Nakamoto had envisioned for Bitcoin!!!!!!!! And super undervalued!!!! 5 ways to make money with ProCurrency (PROC)


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