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  1. Luis Miguel Rodrigues
    Luis Miguel Rodrigues says:

    I was never on Bitconnect. I hate PONZI. But i hate more people like you that smile and get really happy to know that hundreds, thousands, lost a lot of money. You say you are not happy with that, but your smiling face shows the opposite. You are trash!!!

  2. Cryptocurrency1607
    Cryptocurrency1607 says:

    The real problem is that individuals who throw their affiliate link out for these lending platforms don't understand security laws. In a technical sense most cryptos cryptos break security laws in the USA, but the difference with lending platforms is they guarantee profit which is illegal, it's my understanding that when you use your affiliate link to promote these lending platforms you are selling unbacked securitys without license. Some of the larger promoters will either be made to pay back those under them or even potentialy be given prison time.

    BTC CUPID says:

    Welcome to USI-TECH

    . We pride ourselves on providing technologies not found elsewhere. We are making "small" investors finally able to participate in the FOREX and Bitcoin markets and achieve real success.

    We have consistently delivered outstanding results through the development of fully automated trading software. And we promise to continue doing so in the future. Finally, you can participate in highly complex and profitable markets without your own expertise.



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