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27 replies
  1. Suppoman
    Suppoman says:

    Jeez you idiots that think I don’t like or am hating on Doug, I think he’s great!

    Was just a tongue in cheek comment about trying to beat him on subs. Man you guys are dumb.

    For the smart peeps, thanks! 😎

  2. enzo17
    enzo17 says:

    Thanks for these tips I would surely check some which I haven't tried. I've been earning decent profits from staking in DeepOnion, and through its free airdrops. There's 10 weeks more to go before the airdrop ends, you might want to check it out.

  3. lotjeboerboel
    lotjeboerboel says:

    Nice video as Always Sir, I'm currently making nice profits with Staking DeepOnion. Not to mention that there are still 9 weeks of airdrops remaining where you can increase your investment with about 3-4% a week. Besides this, I expect DeepOnion to have a bright future ahead, Dev. team is realy delivering a lot of new functionality lately. For example Stealth addresses will soon be available. So in my opinion, a nice passive income and great long term investment.

  4. My1usernamewastaken
    My1usernamewastaken says:

    If it's a retirement fund your after, think about what currency people are likely to be using in the next decade, look back at the past decade and see how far technology and internet has come. Privacy is a serious problem and as technology becomes more and more apart of everyday life it will only get worse.
    My Privacy pick is DeepOnion, not just because it is a fully-anonymous, but it is revolutionizing the future of Privacy coins. The likes of smart contracts, vote central and other continuous developments separate it from others which I believe is the difference between a golden nest egg, and a bit of pocket change.

  5. cryptobagarin
    cryptobagarin says:

    Would you like to make us rich ?
    Love your tips. Thanks for sharing those!!!

    I'll definitely go and grub some ONIONS before it's too late. Let's the rally begin again folks.
    It's not easy to do such a video in bad crypto time, I see you truly believe in it – so let's go!

    Staking? Love earning without efforts – Neo and DeepOnion for that too

  6. MrHous26
    MrHous26 says:

    My favorites are the passive income from staking and masternodes. I love going to my day job and coming home to find I minted some coins! I don't just stake coins for the sake of staking but I look for projects that offer real value in terms of blockchain technology. That's why I stake DeepOnion. It has DeepVault which is cool because it utilizes their blockchain as a tool to verify the authenticity of any file. Pretty neat!

  7. Neil Wyatt
    Neil Wyatt says:

    I think as Crypto is evolving so are the ways we can earn a little bit or a lot of money from it, i am a big fan of KuCoin shares which esentially rewards its users for buying into the exchange so a win win on that front. I also think it is interesting to note that Ethereum will move to POS soon but leaving POW behind completely is a mistake i think. I like options so go for hybrid coins like DeepOnion which offers me both the chance to gain from mining and staking, another win win i think!

  8. Bin Peng0211
    Bin Peng0211 says:

    I am staking the privacy coin Deeponion around 7-10 free coins everyday besides the airdrop 5% of holding amount per week. And then I could use the airdrop from Deeponion to invest other undervalued coins like ada and eos. It's just an amazing portfolio.

  9. Maestro Pc
    Maestro Pc says:

    One good way to make huge incomes with crypto is to find good and promising coins between all the coins(that is the hardest part), and then buy that coin to hold it for at least a year. You dont lose much time and sometimes is more profitable than stay all the day trading. I did so with coins like DeepOnion, I love privacy coins and I think they will dominate in 2018 and a lot of people thinks so. Also the market cap of DeepOnion is still low so it can grow a lot in order to be near the "big ones". I knew this was a good project when I saw what can the dev team do to improve the coin(tor network, Deepvault, wallet) and the huge community supporting the coin.

  10. Crypto Data
    Crypto Data says:

    talking trash about napoleon x but you clearly have no idea how big the asset management industry is. Keep talking about the coins you invest in, since that's the only thing you do as I can see.

  11. SEELE-01
    SEELE-01 says:

    In my opinion, deeponion is right now pretty perfect for staking. I stake like ~30 onions each week and thats a pretty nice passive income :). Honestly, i had the chance to jump in early, so due to the popularity of this coin and the rise in price, it could be hard to hop in, but with the upcoming new features, the price will even rise more.

  12. Litmus Test
    Litmus Test says:

    Great info, and I look forward to learning more about the other POS coins. I'm a relative noobie to the principles involved here, and I've only been successful staking with DeepOnion so far. I plan to attempt NavCoin now. Thank you.

  13. knepala
    knepala says:

    DeepOnion and KCS are my two favorite coins right now and also the ones I am most heavily invested in.
    Nice seeing you mention them both.
    DeepOnion is not only profitable because of the staking though, the airdrop is very generous too.

  14. Ranger4R fg
    Ranger4R fg says:

    Thank you for the vid!
    Suppoman, actually DeepOnion is not so good for staking, cause it's only 10%, but it has some Airdrop campaign which is really good. I don't know, maybe the Dev Team has some plans to make a fork, where they can increase PoS.. Or they can ask community about it through VoteCentral, once it's ready..

  15. sT R
    sT R says:

    Yo Suppo!
    At first, thanks for all your effort you bring into the whole crypto community. I follow you since some months and i really like your Videos 😉
    Nice that you spend some words to DeepOnion, it was also my comment on Twitter as you asked for coins to talk about.
    I`m a part of the DeepOnion community since october and it would be nice if you could research a little bit more 😛 DeepOnion is definitely more than just a Staking coin. I truly believe it will be a big competitor of monero in the near future. DeepVault is working. Deepsend is planned for Q2, Android and IOS wallets will be released in Q1.
    Supporting Smart contracts and Zero Knowledge protocol is planned by the end of this year.

    I really appreciate your opinion by knowing all these facts so it would be great if you could check this and talk about this features in one of your next videos.

    Big thanks in advance Michael

  16. Huu Toan Nguyen
    Huu Toan Nguyen says:

    Thank you! I smiled when I see DeepOnion was on the list. It is really becoming popular now. You got the point Suppoman, DeepOnion or NEO are not bad for staking. However, you will actually gain more week by week, month by month, unless you own a huge amount. Am I right? Let’s say you don’t have such a fortune, then I’m pretty sure your gain will be trivial then. My solution is to possess more coin. Luckily, DeepOnion has something called free airdrop. Follow some simple rules and you will get free coins. How cool is that? Recently, the team behind DeepOnion decided to change the free airdrop rule to give more people opportunity to join. Well, I have no idea if NEO or NLC2 had this kind of free airdrop. Please share if you know.

  17. Mukul Jain
    Mukul Jain says:

    Robinhood just opened an option for trading Crypto for free.It has a potential to eat up Coinbase's business in the U.S. Robinhood is used for trading stocks for free, and they're opening options to buy crypto side by side with stocks WITHOUT transaction fees.

    Will be huge

    Sell your Apple, Amazon stock and use fiat to buy Crypto for free

    Robinhood boasts 2MM+ users

    TechCrunch published an article on them



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