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  1. Dave Chopp
    Dave Chopp says:

    Governments and banks are simply manipulating it. They need to get as low as possible. They will push as low as possible and when ot gets low enough to spark a retail rally they will dump 100s of millions on it. They know it will drive the price up but they wiil buy so much so fast it will benift them many times over. They know they will make some ppl rich and they dont care about that 1% of us early adopters. They want the 99% of fomos that will jump on. Think about it.

  2. Dizmus _
    Dizmus _ says:

    In order to go to 0, EVERY miner in the world would have to stop mining. That's never going to happen. Miners all over the world will take losses for 6 months or longer if they have to, while the difficulty goes down and they accumulate low and just wait for the bull run.

  3. chris
    chris says:

    You better hurry up and tell Fidelity, the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange parent company Intercontinental Exchange, Yale who just put in 30 million dollars into a 400 million dollar crypto fun…. all who are betting on crypto and more specifically Bitcoin. I mean all of these enormous exchanges are about to lose all this money because they are launching these exchanges first quarter next year. You better hurry up and make sure they get a copy of this video.

    By the way Bitcoin at $0, I would be the biggest buyer of it. If Bitcoin ever hit anywhere near $100 I would literally empty whatever money I have left out of my bank account to buy as much of it as I could.

  4. Astto
    Astto says:

    My business relies on Bitcoin to function so I constantly have to trade with it how ever I simply don't let stay as Bitcoin for any longer than a minute, I sell it off for AUD immediately but so long as people like me need it for business purposes it will retain some value.

  5. Jeremiah Gazsi
    Jeremiah Gazsi says:

    So let me get this straight: The governments, military industrial complex, etc all conspire together to make Bitcoin and other commercial crypto go to zero bankrupting millions of investors, and then they introduce “Fedcoin” and the populations of the world just magically embrace and flock to it? Nonsense. Nobody will trust the government to do crypto currency right after the complete failure of the decentralized commercial cryptocoin industry. Government intervention and counterfeit was why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place. All that’s being done by the price falling precipitously like it is right now is setting up for an even more ferocious bull market at some point in the future. Might take five years might take ten. Or more. Who knows, but laws of supply and demand don’t change over time. Cryptocurrency won’t change it either. Let the price keep dropping!!

  6. Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan says:

    What else is there to invest in? Stock market? For peanuts? No thanks, thats market manipulation done by pros. Atleast in crypto you have a good chance to ride the wave up and make real gains.

  7. Blackswan Kent
    Blackswan Kent says:

    If btc was going to goto zero.. It wouldn't have become anything at its start.

    There will always be buyers as price goes lower (historic fact, market trend) and more mining profits for the miners that stay.

    News needs to be sold aswell.. Its just right now the dumb money is buying into the media.

    Ah well..

  8. BJ700
    BJ700 says:

    Crypto mining is energy intensive and an inefficient way to manage exchange verification of cash transactions. The scheme collapses when the incentive to verify crypto transactions diminishes and in turn as miners exit the system, the time taken for transaction verification increases. This also reduces the service quality at a given price and hence the demand for the service at that price. In turn the "commodity" price adjusts to a lower value and thus reduces economic return and hence also its GDP value contribution. That combined with the simple fact that transaction verification is now less lucrative than ever before, also places downward pressure on value and hence verification incentive and mining return and thus reducing GDP contribution.
    It's a no win in the end.

  9. Urfan Mohammed
    Urfan Mohammed says:

    its kind of funny that the media creates fud on btc and other crypto however the amount of times i've watched the same channels harp on about blockchain being adopted by various industries, so its quite obvious that the price is being run into the ground for so that establishment can buy in


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