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23 replies
  1. Makenzie Stone
    Makenzie Stone says:

    Hello guys ! lovely video, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your Holding that is primarily why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $5,000 Xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Darren Allan on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over holding especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples. Darren never asked me to give him access to my account, If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on << Darrenallan82 @ gmail .com >> and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

  2. dvzstud
    dvzstud says:

    just watched the replay, really enjoyed your live 🙂 I prefer the off the cuff live streams 🙂 I've been 'away' from crypto for awhile as nothing much happening, while not for a hodler like me. Not selling, no way! I'd like to get more BTC. Anyway , you're the man! Good to hear your view as always xx

  3. straydoggio
    straydoggio says:

    That castle, a stronghold on a hilltop, is amazing. I know that some of the materials have likely been robbed by locals, just like many older structures have. How we do things changes, drastically, over decades and centuries, and Bitcoin is the future.

  4. straydoggio
    straydoggio says:

    Yess!! Love the intro singing. The actual name of the real song, before your new lyrics, eludes me. Tip of my tongue but I just can't place it, apart from thinking a woman originally sung the real version. I knew you could sing.


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