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  1. Nate J
    Nate J says:

    Good to see you suppo 👍 great new format, my personal opinion is a bulltrap, phase 4 of the Elliot wave, bull run is coming, but not yet. As you say, remaining fluid is one of the keys, don't be emotionally connected to your investment. Your doing a great job bro I will be continuing to support you, cheers from NZ 🤘💖

  2. Ira Bliss
    Ira Bliss says:

    interesting perspective. I appreciate your insight about what you think is happening with institutional investors. It sounds plausible…….If it spikes, yeah something is going to happen…If it doesn't, be hopeful that it does!
    is this a win-win or what?

    I have a similar feeling about Cardano… concern about price, just forward thinking

    Thanks, OG Suppo!


  3. straydoggio
    straydoggio says:

    Can you sing? I would love you to do a rendition of "Could It Be Magic" with Bitcoin lyric wisdoms. Some verses you could also have a dig at all the detractors that you've now proven much smarter than.

  4. Mark Browne
    Mark Browne says:

    Theres is an extreme element out there saying all blockchain suits criminals. It's a negative press position by the Fiat faithful. They're wrong. I sense another recession is upon us, and bitcoin is a safe haven now. Gold, silver and crypto in general are going to sky rocket as investors jump to safety.

  5. warren bartholomeo
    warren bartholomeo says:

    Super I’ve been following you when you only had 800 subs seriously mate if you start talking about XRP with you like it or not I can guarantee you your subs would double with in the week and your views would also double with in the week honestly if you don’t like something it doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk about it let the people out there that follow you know the options give it a try you might get a bit of flack from it with But hell you got thicker skin than that otherwise you wouldn’t be after all this time keep up the great work mate and thank you for the hard work time and effort that you put in to educate us here in the community you’re a good man keep it up thank you very much

  6. rolandwcross
    rolandwcross says:

    Hello Suppoman. You've invested in lots of crypto. You're an investor in good things. Perhaps you should invest in a mechanical gimbal for your mobile phone, to make your videos much more easier for your viewers to watch when your walking and filming your videos out and about in the countryside. That will mean instead of having hours of shaky and wobbly video footage making it hard on your viewers eyes… you will have smooth and professional shots of you chatting … which will make it easier for your followers to watch you. I'm sure you agree that would be a very good investment for you my crypto brother.

  7. Hilt Milt
    Hilt Milt says:

    Can anyone explain to me what happened the other day 14 Feb 08:34 UTC between TETHER and Bitcoin ? they both had a +/- $9 BILLION volume jump over an hour where TETHER went to 2nd spot on coinmarketcap. Then minutes later slid back to its normal volume and placing

  8. Karan Bajwa
    Karan Bajwa says:

    Good times are coming to us very soon fam! Another great video with nothing but the truth 🙏 Keep bringing us these videos Mike, we missed you for a long time and having you back with us puts a smile on our faces! 😀

  9. Robert Tarter
    Robert Tarter says:

    We have seen this before. I`m a holder and a dabbler. Picked up extra bitcoin at 3200 dollars. I plan to sit tight but if the altcoins ever go back up I will sell most except for Litecoin, etherium and NEO. They are long holds.


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