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30 replies
  1. Jan Rooi
    Jan Rooi says:

    Tthe altcoins with great features and high potentials like Digibyte, Apollo, Cardano, ColossusXT, BABB and U Network will surprice maney in the next bull run wich is imminent to happen soon just buy and hold

  2. Nora Perez
    Nora Perez says:

    Why do you dislike DigiByte so much? … Whats your reasons ? Grrr whats your problem have you even gone back and seen the tech behind DGB if you new what was going in DGB you would not dislike it Grr stop saying you dislike DGB without doing your research you may have looked at DGB years ago but have you looked currently ?? Do you research and you won't diss DGB !!!!

  3. Tim Carter
    Tim Carter says:

    Hi Suppoman. You said in the video that you have already talked about KBC and don't like it. Could you please post a link to the video where you did talk about it here? Thanks.

  4. James Daly
    James Daly says:

    Stellar pumping likely on news of upcoming announcement at Money 20/20 of new agreement in partnership with IBM. IBM World Wire claims to be ‘currency agnostic’ but I believe that’s because Lumens are the bridge currency in the IBM ‘black box’. Do you think utility of Lumens in IBM World Wire will cause increase in Stellar price?


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