SHOULD YOU SPEND $1000 ON THIS MEGA-HYPED ALTCOIN TODAY? 💰#cryptocurrency #bitcoin #bullmarket

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

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21 replies
  1. TenTonKoala
    TenTonKoala says:

    Less max supply than Bitcoin. Huge partnerships, huge use case, great team and overall a great project. Shouldn’t this be a no brainer? At the moment, it’s around $6 USD. Remember when Ethereum was that cheap and everyone said Ethereum would never more than $50, well we see how that worked out. I bet the people that didn’t buy Ethereum, wish they owned even 10 when it’s went to ATH. Yeah, I see the same thing happening with Quant. Anything under $10 is an amazing buy. Don’t miss the train like you did with Ethereum.

    Remember Quant also has a max supply that’s less than a quarter of Ethereum. If it gets to the market cap that Ethereum had in the bull run. Quant could potentially be a $4000 coin. Don’t miss out 😉

  2. Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns says:

    You seriously should look into LITION ($LiT). Its highly positioned to be the official blockchain of the German government and actually has a co-innovation contract with SAP. The market cap is only around 8.5 million right now but it's definitely heading north

  3. Shota Bauer
    Shota Bauer says:

    For me, I like the fundamentals. CEO's background in cyber security, government and banks. Partnership with SIA and 570 banks. Expansion plan to the US border and enterprises. The commercial value is irrefutable. I trust the CEO's ability to push this project. He speaks the same language as the governments/banks/enterprises and they trust him. My objection to the not-so-superstar Dev team – Look at all those super start dev teams in china with all their chains. They have no ability to communicate to the west either retail or institutional investors. Great dev team, no commercial team – dormant coin. I'm bullish on QUANT's commercial value but their capabilities to push this commercially as well. If the tech is already approved by SIA and 570 banks, NOT SO AVERAGE TO ME OR ACCORDING TO THEM. The proof is in the partnership IMO. + QUANT's moving like this in this bearish market, imagine in a bullish market 🙂

  4. Dean Calvert
    Dean Calvert says:

    I urge anyone watching this video to dyor research on Quant. Research the recent partnership with SIA and 570 banks, research the CEO and his background, research the tokeneconomics, research overledger and the solution it offers the market. That solution is what will bring mass adaption to blockchain. Not just Quant, but it will bring enterprise and usage to all blockchain protocols. Please do research, you won't regret what you discover.

  5. p b
    p b says:

    Hey Suppo,how does it effect UK investors if FCA brings crypto derivatives ban…does it mean canny buy and sell crypto’s and depositing into UK bank accounts?????

  6. Lilia Conley
    Lilia Conley says:

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