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Unstoppable domains came out with a huge announcement on Friday. In the “Off The Chain” podcast with Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of the crypto domain name company announced that they are launching the .crypto domain extention. The domain name has the following features:

– Connect your different cryptocurrency addresses to your domain and receive payments with it
– Build websites on the .crypto domain name
– No renewal fees
– …

Unstoppable domains already launched their .zil extention before and sold around 100,000 of these. The huge success of the company is likely to be continued since this is a missing piece in the puzzle of cryptocurrency adoption.

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  1. СЕМ ТВ
    СЕМ ТВ says:

    Ура, наконец-то я дождался публичного раунда ICO Telegram *gramtoken. pro * сегодня я купил 6500 жетонов) сел в ракету, надел шлем, пристегнулся и теперь готов лететь на Луну по высоким ценам)

  2. Crypto Cliff notes
    Crypto Cliff notes says:

    So i read that if you have a company's trademark name they can request to get it if they provide correct documentation. They say once its distributed they can no longer do it this way. No sure if one should wait to invest until it goes live


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