Walmart debuts shrimp tracking on blockchain

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Retail giant Walmart is launching a pilot to use blockchain to track shrimp exports from Indian farmers in Andhra Pradesh to select Sam’s Club locations in the U.S. It will use blockchain-powered IBM Food Trust to track the shrimp, according to a report by livemint.

For the pilot, Walmart partnered with Andhra Pradesh-based seafood processor Sandhya Aqua and U.S.-based supplier Stanley Pearlman Enterprise Inc. With the blockchain platform, it will be able to trace the product during its entire journey from the sea to the plate.

This program is a part of a larger food safety program by Sam’s Club, which requires seafood providers to follow best safety practices such as the Best Aquaculture Practice.

“This end-to-end blockchain pilot is the first of its kind in India and has the potential to create long-term economic opportunity for the shrimp farming community in Andhra Pradesh, directly benefiting the farmers through new skills training and development,” Cowdary Kunam, managing director, Sandhya Aqua, said in the report.

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