TERRA INTERVIEW 2019 – Binance Labs, Hashed and Terra Stablecoin

Today we are interviewing Hashed, Binance Labs and Terra Interview. This is a collection of interviews I recorded on the Terra project while traveling in Korea.



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  1. Kelly Hubble
    Kelly Hubble says:

    Nice! Very interesting stuff, but I would like to give some feedback. I believe I tune into your live stream for you skill of explaining things simple (and the pumps :D). So I think a little post interview thoughts or summary for each part would have be awesome. Perhaps, put together after you return from the trip. Cheers from Uppsala

  2. David
    David says:

    The ONLY legitimate Korean project worth looking at is KLAYTN (Klay). Kakoa Chat’s blockchain. Dont waste your time with said stable coins and projects like icx


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