WHY MY TOP 5 ALTS “DIED”!! (Tough to admit!)

WHY MY TOP 5 ALTS “DIED” #cryptocurrency #altcoins #bitcoin


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  1. koh ks
    koh ks says:

    Project founders need to ask themselves two questions.
    1. Why does the market need you.
    2. How’s your market capitalisation compare to the total market cap growth.
    Your project most likely is not the only in its own category, if it’s not special, what difference are you from Trx?
    You’re just copying concept, are you the only wallet, dex, dapp?
    I’m not a trx supporter, stop bashing ppl, start building contents and projects that has real market adoption.

  2. andrea rampoldi
    andrea rampoldi says:

    I agree Suppo, I've taken a bad hit with ethos (stupid me because I could have sold and get really wealthy) but I am afraid the project will run out of money before they start making some marketing. May we (people) do something about it?

  3. Gus Vega
    Gus Vega says:

    You are right about TRON and their amazing advertising campaign, they are doing it right. Can you take a look at former WABI now TAEL? The project had a slow 2018, but now in 2019, I do believe the project is doing amazing things. Their partnerships are getting bigger and bigger. How can they get to faster adoption?

  4. hoastbeef
    hoastbeef says:

    LOL, Theranos also "seemed to be successful" and look how that ended up. Theranos at one time had a $9 Billion dollar market cap, larger than Airbnb, Uber and Spotify at the time. Seasoned and professional investors like Tim Draper, Walmart Heirs Rupert Murdoch, Larry Ellison all got fooled by Theranos.

    But this time it's different with TRON right?

  5. Mark Browne
    Mark Browne says:

    Hi Suppoman, I am someone who has a very successful background in Community and Influencer Marketing in the Enterprise IT space. I have noticed myself that there is a severe problem with the Marketing of lots of Alt Crypto currencies apart from Tron as you point out. However I don't see any alt companies looking for marketing personnel. What would you recommend as an approach to these guys? I'm no crypto expert, but I know the power of Community Marketing, And Influencer Marketing in a niche area and the importance of winning the share of voice and telling your story in a very competitive environment. In any event, I'm a new fan of yours and I am learning so much from your content. If yu have any advice I'd appreciate it.

  6. tommy pockets
    tommy pockets says:

    NIX is like wanchain but an actual working product. Dropping the holy DEX manager next month will give all cryptos the highest level of privacy and atomic swaps while combining the liquidity of all DEX's. There was no ICO so i doubt suppoman heard of it.

  7. Tracy Garrett
    Tracy Garrett says:

    Curious where you filmed this Suppoman, I've never seen so much grass in one place and not another human being besides yourself! As for what you said, absolutely, totally agree. In my entire life, whenever I was truly passionate about something, I found myself obsessing over it, actually beyond my control. Even while doing something else, a thought would come to mind about this passion and I'd stop to jot down notes. And every time I felt like this, I got an incredible amount of work done to push that passion forward. You are 100% correct sir!

  8. Wolfi
    Wolfi says:

    This video has so much Truth. I dont know why this video has so many dislikes. The human psychology is so depressing sometimes. Appreciate your words suppo, you are right in most of the points you mentioned.

    Hope you make more of this videos, and you will get more subscribers. 👍🏼dont look at all these negative people here

  9. EnebulaMusic
    EnebulaMusic says:

    Hey Suppoman, great video! I like how you explain about being obsessed with success. The LTO community supports you and we want you to know that we are looking forward to your video!

  10. Toni Teaman
    Toni Teaman says:

    What do you think of EXRN/EXRT?tThey are now in Testnet mode…they are around since 2017….its really interesting – cross chain…what is your honest opinion…thanks …sincerely

  11. Jakub Stepanik
    Jakub Stepanik says:

    great analysis and inspiration for all crypto projects and communities that want to up their game – just 1 important thing to add on – have clear milestones and show timely delivery on those – crypto investors do not get any finacials so they demand better info on the project progress than in traditional markets…. that is why tron puts so mich emphasis including the much laughed at coundowns on every milestone … even their team knows that they cannot miss it and serious investors gain confidence seeing it

  12. Mariem Farhat
    Mariem Farhat says:

    Nice video, you made a great breakdown! As a Growth Hacker working on the crypto space I can through my experience that marketing is a key success factor. A lot of projects have succeeded thanks to their marketing strategy. It is not always the best technology that wins. The way that the project represents itself matters. More broadly, the Fyre festival is the perfect example of celebrity endorsement vs. Influencer Marketing. The organizers over succeeded their market strategy and were sold out in less than 48. It turned out that the actual event betrayed its advertising in almost every aspect.


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