Bitcoin Whales Moving Profit into Ripple?

Bitcoin Money appears to be moving into Ripple as Bitcoin wahles also take profit off the table, as the bull market slows down for the whales to take their profits. The bear is still asleep but always lingering.


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  1. Lexxrost YouTube
    Lexxrost YouTube says:

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  2. Tracy Grace
    Tracy Grace says:

    Seeing as how Ripple is the token of the central banks, anyone who is truly into Bitcoin should go near it. Bitcoin was created to give people freedom to walk away from the central banks and Rothschilds that have manipulated people, countries, and wars for centuries. It is actually too coincidental that Globalist coins such as Ripple and Electronum were the only coins out of 1000, on the rise for a period of time today.

  3. Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz says:

    price bitcoin is 12K and Ripple is steady saying keep falling bitcoin. Ripple is going to dominate do your research ppl on the technology of XRP and what it provides.

  4. Herakles
    Herakles says:

    So, why would anyone think bitcoin will keep going up? Does anyone notice the Horrid $30 transaction fees!!! How would bitcoin still be going up!
    I have a feeling bitcoin. Will fall, it’s old coin no one will use they will use ether, Ltc , etc

    Why use bitcoin? Bc we like getting rammed with 30 dollar fees?


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