WHAT 4 CRYPTOCURRENCIES ARE ON THE RISE? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ SingularDTV, Obsidian, WeTrust & BTC Gold ๐Ÿ“ˆ

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50 replies
  1. Conor
    Conor says:

    I watched the video for the We Trust review, you clearly were winging it and didn't know what you were talking about. It was terrible, I could have done a better presentation with 20 mins prep. That's not a review

  2. Ruth nolan
    Ruth nolan says:

    If you are tired of losing your money to some scammer's,don't think that all hope is gone,don't see others doing better than you beat your Own records everyday because success Is a Fight Between YOU and yOURSELF,i have been scammed so many time's and i keep on saying to myself that i will never give up till the day i will see a true and trustful manager and today all my dreams are coming to pass because am now trading with the right person which is Mr williams, contact him today via williamsdevid1952 @ gmail . com

  3. mike evans
    mike evans says:

    Alomost completed Suppoman Udemy funding retirement course. It's such an eye opener, so many lights switch on in the old brain as I absorb the content. For anyone that is trying to conquer the next hurdle but feels A little overwhelmed and in need of a good push, I say to you, sign up and do the courses.

  4. R T
    R T says:

    Awesome work Suppoman, do you mind checking out KapuCoin, I'm interested in your take on a decentralised Archeology, its team members do consist those of Ark and Lisk, while being a Fork of Ark, thanks Bud, keep the videos coming :

  5. kalbaanik
    kalbaanik says:

    ive noticed everything u promo is gonna go down the next day and everything u talk down is going up. i'd tone down ur confidence as 90% ur predictions in the last 2 months are false.. in your last video you said about singulardtv "oh singulardtv, whats this good for? good for nothing" and moved on. now ur talking it up and guess what…. its 14hrs later its down by 14% lol

  6. Jason B
    Jason B says:

    Just after you posted they changed their percentages for lending profits! And days the capital is held. They even talk about exchanging "Bitconnect" (BCC) tokens for the platform…? Please compare to BCC…

  7. Robert Spitfire
    Robert Spitfire says:

    @Suppoman , I've bought your course about wallets from Udemy. My question is about the ERC20 tokens. If I use a Trezor or Nano S to to interact with my ethereum wallets on MyEtherWallet.com, is there a way to create a backup in case my device gets stolen or damaged? If I lose my Trezor or Nano S, I can use the seed words to restore my wallets but for the Ethereum based tokens and Ethereum itself, I need to go to a 3rd party, like myeteherwallet.com and access my assets connecting the device. Hope you can answer my question. I'm also part of your FB group and addressed this question under the pinned post. Thank you for the course, it helped me a lot!


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