Starting a Business – Thoughts after 4 Months

I’ve been building a business, Proof of Talent, for the last four months and in that time, I’ve learned a lot. Here are five random thoughts on building a business, especially for those bootstrapping it.

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    MEDIUMBIGG says:

    by perssonel experience all the peopledo I know who went in business. the only ones who are successful are those who loved what they produce and did not want to be super ritch in the first place .just to live normally from their passion !
    Bring value for your clients, be passionate, be kind no matter what , and be patient . One day everything gonna work in a good way . Thank bobby for sharing your personal experience with total strangers from YouTube 😉 good luck

  2. MrSajDiddy
    MrSajDiddy says:

    Big fan of the content as it helps illustrate some of your experiential skills. Plus, like you said — no one really knows what's happening in crypto anyway. One thing I'd also illustrate in your journey is your own personal growth in the space, and how your domain expertise gives you an edge. For example, when you started your channel, you spoke about high level market conditions around volume and market cap. Now you are able to speak about projects, the benefits, the technology which most recruiters can't. Continue to differentiate on your value prop and keep your costs controlled.

  3. The Mad Cow
    The Mad Cow says:

    Hey Bobby. I'm of the same mind about starting a business. Bootstrapping and staying hungry is the best motivator to make things work for a new business. It's good to see when see crypto channels on youtube veer away from TA. There's still a massive void about the actual tech behind projects, especially since Ivan On Tech has pretty much dropped the tech talk altogether and now just talks about news, economics and politics.

  4. kevin vt
    kevin vt says:

    Hi, In 2007-2008 before the market crash I owned a Staffing Agency that employed over 250 people. These placements were in the Industrial field (paid per hour) and Professional placement (paid per contract) and by 2009 I was out of Business. Would Never do it again… Good luck buddy.

  5. Seth Kaye
    Seth Kaye says:

    Thx good advice!

    Can you share your top useful software and services to build your business?
    and what to avoid?

    (Taxes, payments/invoices, customer tracking, scheduling, legal, website and everything else for sole proprietors etc.)

  6. GBU Prof. Wally
    GBU Prof. Wally says:

    I totally love the sentiment about working hard and working smart – that FIRST one must have the grit and discipline to be ABLE to work hard. Then, if you know a process well, you can start to optimize and work smart. But if someone doesn’t know how to put forth actual effort then working smarter probably won’t help the next time.

  7. Evian Argus
    Evian Argus says:

    Thumbs Up on the Start-Up content. Being able to scale a Start-Up is critical to real financial success. Bring in global partners and offer company equity based on their performance. Attorney expenses to draft these contracts unfortunately.

  8. Jeremy Kersten
    Jeremy Kersten says:

    I enjoyed this convo. I can relate is some ways. I had a small recruiting company for a while. It's tough. Second, I work full time now in new home sales (high ticket). Highs are high. Lows are low. My goal is grow my YouTube and personal brand to get out of it and work for myself.


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