Thoughts on Bitcoin Maximalism

What’s the deal with Bitcoin maximalism? Is it the only true way to look at things, close minded crap or somewhere in the middle? Let’s talk about Bitcoin maximalism today!

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  1. Frogger 251
    Frogger 251 says:

    I see the bear beard is makin a comback! AKA Bobby Bear Beard! Means the bear market is official. Thats your sell signal gents. Ride this bitch all the way down to the monthly 21 @ around 6k and long that bitch to the moon.

  2. Stephen Robinson
    Stephen Robinson says:

    I hold BTC as 30% of my my holdings and I will try to keep it there always or go up to 50% as it is the safest coin to hold imo. Yet even a 200k btc is only a 225x. The right altcoin could do a 1000x. So I gamble on them. I only invest money I could lose but starting to risk a bit more.

  3. T-RAGS,X•R•P,
    T-RAGS,X•R•P, says:

    I haven't been in crypto for too long,the sentiment that i get is that we all wanna see crypto as a whole succeed.i believe we should cheer on other sound crypto projects.someone looking into crypto twitter,must see the space as a bunch of immature children fighting.doesnt take long to research projects,to see if they have potential in the future.

  4. hoastbeef
    hoastbeef says:

    Bitcoin Maximalism is a religion. Humans created religion to put themselves on a pedestal. Is there a religion where the human being was not the point, the center of attention?

  5. RL M
    RL M says:

    Bobby, spot on with your assessment. Just a matter of time- when, not if- another algorithm will come along and make Bitcoin look like child’s play. Until then, It’s Bitcoin baby!!


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