Top 5 Altcoins With Working Products and Token Utility | Cryptocurrencies with Adoption


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19 replies
  1. 87Kidpoker
    87Kidpoker says:

    Seriously mco again? I guess they pay you too much to cover similair and better projects like Celsius Network who absolutely crush mco when it comes to rates, assets under management, flexibility, support and overal legitimicy. Staking 50.000 mco at 3$ each is not a utility thats a rich man's game. Celsius is for the people, from the little guy the average joe all the way up to the whales. "1.000.000 downloads" sounds great but it doesn't say much, Celsius has 11k depositors with almost half a billion (with a b) dollars under management, mco doesnt come close to that number. You said you were going to cover Celsius and you still havn't, instead mco again who by the way are based in Hong Kong. Putting my money in a country that can be invaded by China any thank you

    P.s for the rest you are alright cheers

  2. Automania
    Automania says:

    FunFair is live and has been for a year or so with the CasinoFair casino. They just got a tier 1 Isle of Man gaming licence which is massive. Check out their wallet too, works on any device and any browser makes it super easy to onboard non crypto users which is what most Dapps struggle with. $FUN

  3. James Stephens
    James Stephens says:

    $PLG and $CHZ top this list for me.
    $PLG is the native token for the Pledgecamp platform, which will revolutionize crowdfunding as we know it. Its use cases are simply, elegant, and virtually guarantee that the token will pump.
    $CHZ is gaining serious traction as the token of choice for sports and e-sports teams to tokenize their business and get their fans involved in the decision making process.
    Both will pump 100x EASILY in 2020.

  4. O T
    O T says:

    Algorand is majorly undervalued given its status as the most promising non-ETH blockchain project in the space, with many developers having chosen it as a the platform of choice for their projects (such as monitoring patients remotely via IoT devices). $ALGO will definitely be one of the big winners of the upcoming bullrun, and will top every list of projects with working products and token utility.

  5. D DIVS
    D DIVS says:

    I think I'm on the right track for the next bull run I hold 4 of these alts except I have to take a closer look at it. But maker is a must in every one portfolio only 1 million circulating supply it's going to numbers in the next bull run. You should hold at least 1


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