HOW LOW WILL BITCOIN & ALT COINS GO?? 😢 (w/Technical Analysis)

HOW LOW WILL BITCOIN & ALT CRYPTOCURRENCIES GO?? 😢 (with technical analysis)



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33 replies
  1. Bizul
    Bizul says:

    IMHO this is the transition when bitcoin will lose its leading position to one of the altcoins… especially after the Mt. Gox trustee dumping. As countries started to enforce regulations this year, do you think privacy altcoins will take over. I have a thought for your next episodes "Regulations vs Cryptos".

    By the way, you mentioned DeepOnion before, which is still in the airdrop phase, amazingly it got to $20 ATH, even when the coin is being distributed for free, imagine what will happen after the airdrop. DeepOnion fully integrates Tor and lately added OBFS4 and MEEK to protect from data snooping and governments censorship, which is good for some markets like China.

  2. T L
    T L says:

    FFS Suppo you seriously need to shave your head ! I can't take you seriously with this hair it just takes all the concentration away from what you are saying 💂

  3. Brian
    Brian says:

    When you mention money being moved from Tether back to Bitcoin as a confidence sign I don't quite understand as the overall marked cap wouldn't be rising , isn't it just be the same? Watch your videos every morning love your work.

  4. marc combs
    marc combs says:

    Sorry guys. I've been dumping a lot of BTC since 20k and pushing the market lower. It's the scourge of having too much Bitcoin. Feel my pain. But don't cry for me. All will be fine.

  5. Christine
    Christine says:

    I really appreciated your video a lot today! Giving us an overview of the bigger picture, what to possibly expect and your projections using the technical analysis and especially what to look for if buying with Fiat vs BTC! Excellent job! Thank you!!


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