STOP DUMB TRADING! 😡 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That WILL make MILLIONAIRES? 💵💰

STOP BEING DUMB! 😡 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That WILL make MILLIONAIRES? 💵💰 Antshares, STEEM, Stratis, Iconomi, LBRY Credits & Dash!

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44 replies
  1. Wes
    Wes says:

    Hey Suppoman, first off all thank you very much for you're educating and with humor making videos! 🙂

    Now i have nothing to do because of the market and i am reading and educating, analyzing the past/hystorie off crypto. So that is why i saw this video and i was wondering if you can make a new one about this same title? Long term top 5. Because off the 'crash' we experienced maybe it is interesting. 

    Thanks and keep up the nice work!

  2. Bernard Fernandez
    Bernard Fernandez says:

    No worries man, I am passionate like you. The ones who say that are the freaking retards that are not genuine. I never gave two fucks to the ones who also say I am loud. …uck them. I trust more loud people than the psycho silent retards.

  3. Kristopher meaney
    Kristopher meaney says:

    Well now ANT is around $2.00 … so either you were wrong, or now its a great buy. Its just steadily been going down from near $12 to now less than $2 in 6 months. Im wondering if this is now a good buy or is it just a dying coin?


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