Quantum Computing – Is Bitcoin In Danger?

Article Decrypt: https://decrypt.co/9642/what-google-quantum-computer-means-for-bitcoin

Article Cointelegraph (reaction Bitcoin dev): https://cointelegraph.com/news/googles-quantum-computer-breakthrough-not-a-risk-to-bitcoin-says-dev

Google had a massive breakthrough in quantum computing by making a quantum computer of 53 qubits solve a mathematical problem in 200 seconds while the most advanced supercomputer in the world would spend 10,000 years to solve it.

Is quantum computing a real threat to the Bitcoin network? How can it be dangerous for us? How much time do we have left? Questions answered in this video.

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  1. ольга смирнягина
    ольга смирнягина says:

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  2. krixy
    krixy says:

    Dwave has already made 2048 qbits. So I think We are in big trouble. And not only bitcoin system is in danger, but the whole internet security. Thinking about https and so on. All applications and system which uses ecdma or Sha for encryption and digital signatures like internetbank is in danger. Maybe it is far away, but not that far and it is not only about bitcoin.


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