Countries Banning Crypto 101


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This world of cryptocurrencies is gaining increased attention globally with its audience spanning from people who are eager to break out of the vicious cycle of debt, people who are eager to opt out of the corrupt and centralized control of big banks and bigger governments and not surprisingly, this world of cryptocurrencies has been a thorn in the side of many centralized controlling governments around the world, resulting in said governments having to pay them more attention, especially as of late.

Some people dive right into the worst case scenario that cryptocurrencies will be made illegal by the U.S., and they think this move would effectively snuff it out altogether. So in light of that, since by the way, I personally do not hold to that same perspective. Today I wanted to provide a quick and friendly visual breakdown of how cryptocurrencies are viewed by countries around the world, and as a kicker, I’ll prove that even if a government deems them to be illegal, it surely does not do much at all to stop those citizens from using them.

This list I’m presenting is not completely exhaustive, however it does shed a lot of light as to how cryptocurrencies are viewed by other governments based on their decisions on if or how they regulate them.

Considering the thought experiment in a video that I posted earlier this month in which I spoke on a global flipping that could occur due to how a country’s government chooses to treat cryptocurrencies, pay attention to lists like these, how they change over time and whether or not the countries who favor cryptocurrencies will see big benefits in the future.Unless a particular country has the ability to completely control the access of internet to its citizens, they will have access to cryptocurrency networks. Which themselves are designed to be peer-to-peer and censorship resistant. In the events such as this, individuals should be happy for that design because it ensures their ability to exercise their freedom to pursue the monetary tools and payment channels of their choosing.

For those of you who are new to this channel, I will end it with this very important reminder: Although the networks themselves are designed specifically for and find their strength in their decentralization and peer-to-peer abilities, it does not dictate that things built to interact with them also have those same attributes. What I’m talking about here are the cryptocurrency exchanges. Most cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized, meaning they are owned and controlled by companies that are made up of publicly identified individuals who are proving over and over again that they do and will continue to succumb to governmental pressures to limit who is able to access their platform. This is how governments are able threaten this space.

But when I say threaten, I’m really only referencing those centralized exchanges. Because you see, those too can be designed to be much more decentralized and much more resilient against anyone or anything trying to assert it’s control. So final piece of advice here being, pursue the decentralized exchanges, pursue the DEX.


30 replies
  1. Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas says:

    Sorry, maybe I am missing something but did that list say that Thailand has banned Banks from allowing individuals from buying CC's? I on off in fiat all the time on Thai based exchanges through my Thai bank account. Again, sorry if I have misunderstood.

  2. dolo gore
    dolo gore says:

    There are also countries whose Banks are in lockstep against cryptos, the UK and Bulgaria who openly target customers who are involved with cryptos under the guise of AML and KYC, in Europe it seems to be Switzerland,Austria Germany,Portugal Malta Georgia and Estonia who are less hostile

  3. Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!
    Work With Nature - How to Grow Food! says:

    Hmmm so those countries more or less that have the gold don't want crypto's and those who have no gold left, even though they say they do, allow crypto's. That is my theory anyways. Both metals and crypto's are good to have. But it is strange that apart from Venezuela all central banks are only buying gold and not crypto's.

  4. Mr Brown
    Mr Brown says:

    Come out of Confusion. Follow Imran Khan's Pakistan Policies which are clear cut and state Crypto is a huge source of Laundering money and sale of illegal weapons.
    This is being done everywhere but only few care about it.

  5. ɃoilerRoom
    ɃoilerRoom says:

    How does a country ban elliptical curves❓❔❓❔❓
    In mathematics, an elliptic curve is a plane algebraic curve defined by an equation of the form which is non-singular; that is, the curve has no cusps or self-intersections.

  6. Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov says:

    It's hard for Americans and Europeans to imagine places where "the law" is weak or non-existent, the cops don't do anything, and nobody gives a flying f*ck about the law. Yet these places exist. But, who knows, maybe people living there will prefer to hold fiat and never notice ROI of BTC.

  7. D Mø
    D Mø says:

    it's sad my ability to buy crypto is already out of reach due to Canadian prices, even if BTC hits 3k thats still $5500-6000 CAD, secondly, the main 5 bank ban which prevents us from buying it directly with etransfer or credit card, yet many sites accept credit for crypto, i wonder if Canada will outright ban the usage of blockchain technology as this country is So far behind, and everyone here seems to be clueless, literally.

  8. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the "powers that be" by a country, could hire scammers. To just scam and get people to have a bad taste to crypto. Many different ways to prevent mass adoption. that could happen. you are right here in Canada i do remember my bank briefly had something about crypto. Now theres nothing Thanks for sharing. Good info

  9. Jota Kolopa
    Jota Kolopa says:

    i think its a real possibility usa can ban bitcoin, obviously they cant BAN bitcoin in the way people think, but they can make holding it illegal in the USA which would obviously make fiat on ramps disappear and cripple the price. it wouldnt kill bitcoin, but the price and hash rate would both get horribly wrecked, to think otherwise is naive..

    also naive to think they wouldnt do it when they have a great reason bceause of countries avoiding sanctions

  10. DD
    DD says:

    So Btc is illegal in the less developed countries. No wonder they aren't developed, given the stupid decisions they take. Japan was smart enough to be the first to accept it as currency. No wonder Japan is one of the most developed countries.


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