Buy TenX Before Moon Shot in 2018?

A very high prospect cryptocurrency for us all to keep an eye on is TenX. Whether or not you choose to invest in Tenx, that is up to you, however this is exciting to watch the development of the technology behind this project.


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  1. marty almberg
    marty almberg says:

    i dont get it visa and MasterCard are fighting crypto currencys left and right, one of my banks put a stop on me buying crypto currency with my credit card. and a pay my card of monthly. they will let me use my credit card to buy stocks on the stock markets, but not on bitcoin are others, we will see how this 10x pans out

  2. CryptoMotherX
    CryptoMotherX says:

    am a bit confused just found this video –i looked up this card and made an account and was going to order a card but i cant because i am from the United States! is there a card that "allows" Americans to get??

  3. Crypto Maniacz
    Crypto Maniacz says:

    Very interesting. But this not buying shares of this tenx company, its buying their coin. Their coin won't be worth much if it keeps moving in price, it needs to be stable in order for people to use it for everyday purchases. Also what stops any other coins coming in , doing the same thing as them

  4. Marcin1989
    Marcin1989 says:

    What's the reason to invest in it when someone with enough coins could spam the whole network, so than it would take 1h+ (and even more so) to send your coins for the burger or anything ..?

  5. Bagi Badoo
    Bagi Badoo says:

    I believe TenX will get run over by another company that actually knows what they're doing and have some experience doing it. Sold all my Tenx with a profit the other day, feels good to get out. Maybe missing my shot at a moon trip but all my spider senses have been tingling about this company (and its founders) for a while now.


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