BEWARE: OneCoin – Biggest Scam In Crypto (Impossible to shut down) – Bjorn Bjercke Interview

OneCoin is one of the longest multi-billion dollar crypto scams that is still running to this day, it is impossible to shut down, we are interviewing Bjorn Bjercke who has investigated this thoroughly.

OneCoin Announcing Non-Existant Blockchain:


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  1. Ivan on Tech
    Ivan on Tech says:

    OneCoin buying dislikes like crazy 😅😅 dislikes just like likes boost the video in the algorithm though.. so thanks 🙏
    Hey guys, I'm still in Korea, here is an interview we pre-recorded for you last week, hope you enjoy it! Videos coming from Korea soon too. Back to normal GMC stream schedule on Monday October the 7th!

  2. oskey
    oskey says:

    I didn't have experience with OneCoin thank goodness, but did have experience with another fraudster Maxcfd which didn't even return my initial 250EU back. I was constantly harassed by a guy in London trying to get me to put up more money. I told him how could I know if they were reputable people if they even refused to return my money. I take it as the price of well learn't lesson.

  3. Brandy Wasay
    Brandy Wasay says:

    Buy Buy Buy ONECOIN , we are all going to be Billionaires .
    My second most favorite coin is LIBRA. Thanks to Facebook.
    I am making a million dollars per day from BITCONNECT. Long live Bitconnect.

  4. baigani0
    baigani0 says:

    Ружа е Българска циганка, няма никаква докторантура, голяма схема ви е направила с тая простотия onecoin

  5. sonah 32
    sonah 32 says:

    Most important show u have ever done ! This is BIG , may have connections to elite ppl – connections to certain nations & intel agencies as intriguing as Epstein case !

  6. Ryan Hauser
    Ryan Hauser says:

    Wow this was such a hard video to watch, takes 20 seconds to say a sentence that should take 5 secs, if you notice how little time it takes Ivan to summarize (25% of the time) – Anyone who bought onecoin were gamblers from the start as there was never any proof of legitimization from them… Enjoy your channel Ivan

  7. YT stuff
    YT stuff says:

    The linked video in the discription of Ruja Ignatova talking about OneCoin is a MUST SEE for anyone who is convinced that their favouate cryptocurrency is going to be massive and potentially become a global currency. That video should be a wake-up call and show you in errors in your thinking. Its an insane amount hype that so many people in crypto fall for. Nobody should be emotionally attached to ANY cryptocurrency inc Bitcoin because you are just speculating with your hopes and dreams and you will likely be disappointed while you ignore other opportunities because all of your eggs are in one basket.

  8. Juan José Mijangos Villatoro
    Juan José Mijangos Villatoro says:


    *London investigation closed.

    *German investigation closed

    *Sweden invedtigation closed.

    *Italian investigations closed

    *Bulgarian investigations closed

    Onecoin all the way to the top.

    "You can resist an invading Army. But you cannot stop an Idea whose time has come..

  9. Wounded Warr1or
    Wounded Warr1or says:

    It is people like this gentleman; whom are unsung heroes, and often we never even know their names but for coming in contact with the product of their pain staking efforts; as in this case; great personal cost.

    It's not really a "Lawyer Loop Hole", actually what happened is this scam company gamed a client protection called "Client & Lawyer privilege". This rule of law prevents a conflict of interest. It prevents private information between you and your lawyer from being used against you later down the road; or at least it use too; it has been violated in certain Rico cases.

  10. Huang Taurus
    Huang Taurus says:

    Myself personal don t consider Onecoin is fraud/scam. I was invited to join Onecoin by buying EDUCATION PACKAGES, NOT BUYING ONECOIN ICO/IEO packages; and I (had) got 200000 ONE coin (token) free. I STILL HOLD IT NOW & NEVER LOSE


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