Buy the Dip?

Bitcoin prices fell drastically over the past 30 hours. Crypto traders are now looking to stock up USDT and buy the dip. We look at some Technical Analysis and to see where it’s all going

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


48 replies
  1. Krypton
    Krypton says:

    Well, I do dollar cost averaging… but… I don't buy when it seems high. I stopped when it went parabolic in 2017 and I have been holding after about 8k these last couple of months. Will buy again now while its down. Just a little – I'm not rich

  2. R James
    R James says:

    Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving getting closer every day. Dollar cost average and accumulate over next few months ..🌔..🛰

    Good to see Sofi (Social Finance) app in USA now trading BTC LTC and ETH – ref Charlie Lee twitter feed. Łitecoin Dolphins NFL game v LA Chargers ‘in lights’ this weekend 🐬

  3. Sergey Sokolov
    Sergey Sokolov says:

    As long as you have a well diversified portfolio in broad range of financial assets, it makes good sense to increase your BTC share right now. The bull market might be lurking ahead as recent development in price looks so much like 2015/ early16. Although I wouldn't go all in on BTC right now because it can go anywhere from $200K to 0 and there's no way to know the outcome ahead of time.

  4. Omar Assad
    Omar Assad says:

    There's a crypto called pi and u can mine it and keep it for free. Later it will be worth something. So get your hands on the app before its too late. Download pi network and use code: TheMaskedMan

  5. Sandile Ngwenya
    Sandile Ngwenya says:

    I'm looking for a quick entry for an upside. I'm willing to wait months for this, because I want to buy on leverage at 3x. There's a theory stating that Bitcoin might reach $3k in October, if that happens. I'm buying….

  6. Yogi Wahyu Prasida
    Yogi Wahyu Prasida says:

    If you're dollar cost averaging down, should you set a stop loss? It's tempting to rebuy at lower price when price is falling, but then there are big chances of missing the rebuy when the price bounced. I don't know. Your thoughts on this @Boxmining?

  7. Emm See
    Emm See says:

    I didn't think ALGO could've got any lower last week, but now has just given a great opportunity to load up on some more, stick it in the Ledger and forget about it for the time being.

  8. Morgoer Manger
    Morgoer Manger says:

    DCA all the way, keep accumulating! Went into bitcoin at around 8-13k, so this is a nice drop and a good opportunity to buy. Didn’t go all in to make it possible to buy at lower prices (7-8k) IF it happens.

  9. Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury says:

    That's a big triangle with top at 20k and touching point @14k…support at roughly 3k….when we broke that triangle, btc will meet its true value:zero! Finnaly fundamentals (we all know it should worth zero) meets technical!

  10. Coincollector82
    Coincollector82 says:

    Wtf? Why would anyone buy "the dip?" Bakkt was an absolute disaster, every crypto youtuber is crying manipulation as usual and even the miners are shutting their shit down! You guys need to stop pushing btc like it's the great messiah, nice experiment sure but btc is definitely on it's way out like it or not!

  11. knowledge seeker
    knowledge seeker says:

    Insiders prediction; for next 3 years there wont be any remarkable boom in Crypto market, prediction coming true depends on how many people believe this prediction, the more the people believe it the lesser the chances of it coming out to be true.

  12. Stephen K
    Stephen K says:

    There is no NEW Money entering the game. It's all big whales who control the market and manipulate BTC. The last pump from 3-13k was pure btc manipulation by the whales. Of course they are going to take profits off the table and then reboot the pump and dump cycle of btc.


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