Bitcoin Hash Rate 40% CRASH? Andrew Yang on Encryption and Google Quantum Computing, Digibyte, Bakkt

Bitcoin Hashrate Plummeted: A Closer Look

Bitcoin Massacre: Why $1100 Plunge?

Digibyte on UTrust

What Google’s Quantum Breakthrough Means for Blockchain Cryptography Pay Checkout Plugin Now Available for 500,000 WooCommerce Merchants

Ripple Gets More Access to the Middle East
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20 replies
  1. ICO ETH
    ICO ETH says:

    Well, The bearish price action has even the most convicted bulls fearing the worst – that prices of Bitcoin could reach under $5,000 once again……- me , i'm going to buy at the dip . At lest bitcoin price can recovered in due time unlike certain crypto projects are not interested in building products. They are only interested in making money from investors. Many of these projects promise the moon without any viable products. I'm afraid that this type of companies is destroying trust in the Crypto market.
    Example Waltonchain where it lack of updates on partnership materialization / token swap delays, and poor communication (recently randomly found out from them that 2 of their child chains are virtually dead, with fashionchain literally being a dead chain).

  2. First Last
    First Last says:

    There's also the possibility that Google is behind the power outages. Since quantum computing is orders of magnitude faster, and only they can do it, it makes sense for them to eliminate the competition.

  3. Hendomatic
    Hendomatic says:

    The only reason people get concerned about quantum computing is because content providers like yourself keep covering it. Its just a big nothing burger. Quantum is decades out…

  4. JameZ
    JameZ says:

    This is a play against BTC. It’s a great time to buy! Don’t worry about quantum computers. Banks would have more to fear then crypto. Make no mistake, Crypto is a revolution. It’s the fight against global slavery from the banking cartel that rules this world!

  5. Rudy Le' Plane
    Rudy Le' Plane says:

    When one deeply researches so called 'Quantum Computing' one (if researched properly) will find we are very far away, even if big companies make claims. Interesting that these fear articles come out during such timely events. Gotta love marketing depts.

    MAGA ZOG says:

    You people are very very stupid to have your money in Bitcoin right now. Central banks all around the world being led by the United States have their printing presses printing record amounts of cash into a bubble economy. We are on track to 100 trillion dollars printed per year. DB bank will soon collapse forcing the euro printing press into melt down. Just about the whole world is about to collapse. Gold and especially silver are fail proof investment opportunities at this point in time. Crypto currency has no guarantees. Peter Schiff will probably be having the last laugh.

  7. bigman19916
    bigman19916 says:

    Google’s Quantum Computing will affect governments S well!! Google might have bigger issues with other governments which will lead for it to get it destroyed because that’s too much power for any company. This is not good news if it’s real for anything and even the blockchain space.


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