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50 replies
  1. Buddy Gravers
    Buddy Gravers says:

    Ivan, the following is a quote from a Bill Gates in a Reddit AMA in February 2018. The logic is a little hard for me to follow, I wonder how many deaths Windows computers are responsible for. "Right now cryptocurrencies are used for buying fentanyl and other drugs so it is a rare technology that has caused deaths in a fairly direct way. In contrast to cash, which is also untraceable, cryptocurrencies can be used remotely, which removes another avenue of control."

  2. zarur tax
    zarur tax says:

    I belive that there is a conection but there are other ways to prove that. that graph is not as good as it show years and that makes sample size to small you would have to show it based on weeks if so. But both sp500 and btc had bottoms at weekly 200 ma last year (2018) in the same month even I Think it was or atlest very Close. it looked like all was about to crash in the stock markek when stockmarket started to recover again so did bitcoin. I Think if the sp500 ma 200 would have broken so would bitcoin. and the bottom might have been 1300 insted of 3100 for example.

  3. samyvellu Muthu
    samyvellu Muthu says:

    SO GUYS FORGET ABOUT HODL-it might not even happen.
    Buy the dips ,sell the pumps and get more bitcoins when dips again.Don't be a stupid honeybadger.
    TAKE PROFIT AS YOU CAN !!!!fellows.

  4. Shawn Moss
    Shawn Moss says:

    They havent official started the impeachment process. A news conference is not enough thats not how it works. To actually start the process the House needs to hold a vote. Pelosi is still refusing to actually hold a vote because their goal is not to actually impeach him. This was a hoax again.

  5. Justin Legault
    Justin Legault says:

    Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle are Comedians for prior generations of people. Back when everyone understood that EVERYTHING can be funny with the right twist, and back when people weren't so easily "triggered"

    If you dont find these guys funny, then you are either an SJW tyrant, or an idiot

  6. ssm59
    ssm59 says:

    Don’t get to excited over the play pen that is old baby boomer american politics. Not much is going to change. As far as correlation between S&P and BTC is due to the highly limited group currently interested in crypto. I invest in both when times are good and invest less when times are bad. BTC will experience a break away from this pattern in the future, but for now we will be correlated.

  7. Mr25thfret
    Mr25thfret says:

    If you are pumping, Ivan, don't eat banana in the morning. First thing to eat is some kind of protein and a little fat. No carbs until an hour or two after your first protein meal.

  8. Tomek Samcik
    Tomek Samcik says:

    I heard Ray Kurzweil say in one of his interviews that once they develop longevity and immortality, over time people may get a little bored with their eternal 9 to 5 jobs and then Virtual Reality will be a liberation.

  9. Brad Smith
    Brad Smith says:

    You buy the dip on an unbroken major uptrend. There will be a loss when the trend is broken but if you bought previously, the wins outnumber the one loss on the broken trend. That’s how it works.

  10. dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee says:

    Russian's your first language? Do you speak Belorusian? Are there tensions between the groups? Do they mix at all? (I'm thinking of Yugoslavia — a great idea that just couldn't make it.)

    My grandparents were born in Russian-speaking Ukraine, but in the village or behind closed doors they spoke Jewish. They stuck around during the revolution, but things didn't improve as they expected, so they came to the US and we've been here for 100 years. Alas, even that chapter might be coming to a close (not for Jews, but for EVERYONE who lives here. The US seems to be becoming an equal-opportunity jerk.) Well, it was nice while it lasted 🙂

    Smashed. BTW, my Morning-With-Ivan coffee is always black, but half of an apple is always involved. Keeps me going from 6:00 until noon.

  11. Jan Orr
    Jan Orr says:

    Have you seen a website called decentralized land or decentraland or something like that……you can buy and sell virtual real estate! What?!?! They have cities and towns laid out and you choose where to live etc…..

  12. R James
    R James says:

    Bitcoin mining reward halving and ⚔️ Brexit showdown is yet another day closer ……⏳

    Good to see Sofi (Social Finance) app in USA now trading BTC LTC and ETH – ref Charlie Lee twitter feed

  13. BushmasterSix
    BushmasterSix says:

    I've just deletad my post cause I feel that I respect your work. Don't know if you or anyone here saw it, if so just want to say that it wasn't pointed 'negatively' at you Ivan but to do a service to this community. Keep a good work and do even better 😉

  14. Roger Ver’s Arthur’s Hanes
    Roger Ver’s Arthur’s Hanes says:

    You forgot to mention the most important part of dollar cost averaging – it should be done in an UPTREND. Right now some might argue it’s unclear if we are in an uptrend. If you DCA in a down trend you could run out of money before hitting a bottom. In an uptrend you continue to make more and more profits as you buy, which reduces your risk.

  15. Hafiz
    Hafiz says:

    Since 2009, The US stock market (S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow) and Bitcoin have been going up. We are already in the 10th year of bull market. The stock market did suffer some corrections in 2011, 2015 and late last year. Bitcoin also suffered some major corrections in its life time.

    From my personal opinions, the correlations are, assets will tend to go up in a period of "easing" i.e when interest rate is super low and the central banks are printing money here and there.

    The trend suggests that central banks will continue with their easing policy. So, we can expect that both stocks and bitcoin/crypto will continue to go up in the future.

    Gold have different kind of correlations, Gold is more correlated to commodity than to the economy. That's why Gold had its bull run from 2002 to 2012 (together with oil and other commodity), now we are in commodity bear market for the past 10 years, that's why Gold didn't go up that much.

    Anyways, just share some of my insights.


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