Bitcoin Bakkt Disappoints on Day 1 | Huge Energi Updates | Vitalik Buterin on ASIC | Bitcoin News

#Bakkt Is Here. First Reactions Are Pouring In

Vitalik Buterin Is Discussing ASICs While Everyone Talks About Bakkt

Energi (NRG) 2019 Update! [Sponsored]
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23 replies
  1. ICO ETH
    ICO ETH says:

    Well, Bitcoin cash led today's downturn, losing a whopping 22% of its value, while ethereum lost 15%, litecoin fell 14% and Ripple's XRP dropped 10% and we are seeing short sellers and momentum traders piling on to make things worse for short term anyway. At lest it can recovered unlike Waltonchain project where it lack of updates on partnership materialization / token swap delays, and poor communication (recently randomly found out from them that 2 of their child chains are virtually dead, with fashionchain literally being a dead chain) plus

    people asking quite tough questions in the reddit or the telegram groups can end up being banned.

  2. Miroslav Poje
    Miroslav Poje says:

    I'm glad the review covered all the important parts of the Energi project: an altruistic EnergiImpact, an unrivaled Treasury and eagerly awaited Energi 3.0. Hardly any project so focused working on the realization of its Roadmap. Awesome job!

  3. Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith says:

    It's great to see Energi's price and market cap increasing today while all other cryptocurrencies seem to be falling. With Energi 3.0 coming soon it looks like excitement is building!

  4. Tonka PC
    Tonka PC says:

    Thanks for NRG cover 😊
    Team behind this project is number one. Community that stands behind it: awesome. Where's this project going: nowhere else but all the way to the top 😎

  5. Terry Higgins
    Terry Higgins says:

    Only one thing will move the market meaningfully nowadays: the well-leaked stock-to-flow model. That is all that matters. Bakkt and anything else don't matter and anyone who is laughing at Bakkt not moving the price is blind. It was never gonna move the price. Stock-to-flow (thanks to Plan B) is no longer a secret… The cat is out the bag. The halvening is no longer a secret. Halvening/stock-to-flow is the thing that will move mountains. Anyone who is looking at little things like Bakkt or whatever are part of the sheeple crowd, so they can keep laughing, but they are just fulfilling their role as being the zombie public. All is going perfectly to plan. Bakkt is in place now before the next halvening FOR A REASON. Think about it…. We are on the doorstep… Now, the halvening WON'T change the price ON THE DAY (oh, I can hear the sheeple no-coiners and alt-coiners laughing already at the price not going up on halvening day, which no BTC investor ever claimed would happen anyway but the sheep don't listen to facts)… But anyway….. Study the stock-to-flow model, watch history repeat. Give it a little time after the halvening and see what Bakkt was REALLY introduced "now" for… Big, big money needs a legal and regulated door to walk through… BUT… only when the scarcity factor (which is BTC's true secret sauce that the world is slowly waking up to) increases and the market starts to factor it in AFTER the halvening (late as ever, but they'll realise it after the supply shock starts to sink in). If you can't see this then you are not suited to investing in crypto (you need to play slots instead because your 15-second attention span will only be satisfied that way).

  6. MarkUK
    MarkUK says:

    Energi is fast becoming popular because it’s not a selfish project. Energi helps it’s community in every way it can. They have experts ready to help with tech problems whatever they may be. I don’t know a more dedicated team in the crypto space. Please check out @energiimpact on twitter to see how Energi is giving back. All I can say is Amazing!

  7. Jeff Foster
    Jeff Foster says:

    As a suggestion, when you are doing a review on a coin/token, it would be helpful if it mentioned how to secure the tokens, mew, or if not an erc20 coin or very good wallet. I'm not going to have 50 different wallets for crypto..


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