Bakkt is a FLOP? Or is it?

Bakkt’s highly anticipated physically-settled Bitcoin futures launched today, but with under $1M of volume. With so much talk about Bakkt being the on-ramp for major institutional investment into Bitcoin, is this is a FLOP? Or should be take a step back and calm down for a minute? Let’s talk about it all today!

Bakkt Exchange’s Bitcoin Futures See Slow Start on First Day of Trading:

Su Zhu on Bakkt:

Bakkt Monthly Contract Volume:

Jared Dillian’s tweet storm on Bitcoin:

Jared Dillian’s book “Street Freak”:

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  1. Computer Tech Tutorials
    Computer Tech Tutorials says:

    Nailed it! I'm getting tired of the crypto space because of the lack of patience. The tech and its application to change how our society works is amazing, but fundamental change of any kind takes a long time and adoption of new tech is among it. Chill out people, relax, and enjoy the ride.

  2. MgBlazer77
    MgBlazer77 says:

    Bought the dip. Still trying to DCA each week but with sideways action of the same price ive broken my investing strat a bit. Remember we are less than a year away from the halving!!!

  3. Muhammad Siddiq
    Muhammad Siddiq says:

    Complete dud. Instead of trying to ramshackle existing investment frameworks like futures into crypto, I think we need a complete paradigm shift into other frameworks like Security Token Exchanges (Bitfinex is building one with Dusk Network, for example)

  4. Kieron McKay
    Kieron McKay says:

    The tickets aren’t even live yet lol… of course a total failure, now and forever, nothing to see here. I don’t think anyone has though about this intelligently for more than 5 minutes, honestly.

  5. Stock762
    Stock762 says:

    It takes the normal person months if not a year to see the real value in bitcoin after researching themselves. It's going to be hard for random people to adopt bitcoin until something big happens. Patience is right. Maybe a couple really good documentaries on TV. Regardless, the time to buy would be now.

  6. Henry K.
    Henry K. says:

    Biggest problem is if volume doesn't pick up, they may shut Bakkt down. ICE created Bakkt for the purpose of making money. If this doesn't make money, then they will shut it down. And then it will be a failure.

  7. Rob Stone
    Rob Stone says:

    This is how crypto works. Lots of hype, lots of predictions, lots of Youtube videos …. then lots of excuses. No matter how much you comment on twitter or how many Youtube videos you watch, it is still going to take time.

  8. Douglas S. Noble
    Douglas S. Noble says:

    First of, Bitcoin doesn't need saving and anyone who said that is a certifiable FOOL. This type of person thinks the lights go on when you click a switch, without a thought to electricity and how it is delivered to their home. I look at BAKKT as a succsss It will take at least a month to determine its future and growth. I look at Bitcoin as a success because it didn't react. This means the market is getting mature.


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