Keep An Eye On Litecoin | AltCoin With Big Year Ahead

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I personally feel very bullish on Litecoin going into 2018. I know that Charlie Lee has stated there will be a huge partnership announcement in the early part of this year, with no specifics about who and when mentioned yet.

It should not take too long for Litecoin to revisit its previous All Time High, so if you are looking for a tried and true altcoin worth HODLing in 2018. this is one of my personal favorites.

Many people consider Litecoin to be thw Silver to Bitcoin (being the Gold Standard of Cryptocurrency).

You can follow Charlie Lee on Twitter @SatoshiLite, and you can follow AltCoin Buzz on Twitter @altcoinbuzzio


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  1. Xo Rtf
    Xo Rtf says:

    The halvening event has come and gone,
    But the price was unaffected.
    Is it the end of LTC?
    With mining rewards cut in 1/2 the price needs to rise in value to sustain.

  2. Jonny Marshall
    Jonny Marshall says:

    Here's another theory: Charlie Lee cashed out because the lightning network is about to eclipse Litecoin. Litecoin will never reach it's BTC comparison ATH again. It will rise in price again, but BTC will outperform it forever into the future as lightning gets adopted.
    I'll be interested to see who's right..

    By the way, Litecoin's 4X faster block time is not some kind of amazing technological feature. It's literally changing one or two numbers in the source code. It requires 4X as many confirmations in order to be as secure as a single BTC confirmation anyway. And as for Segwit being implemented on Litecoin first? Well actually this was developed by Bitcoin core devs, but since Litecoin is basically a clone of Bitcoin with a dictator at its helm, it was able to implement is sooner.

    Guys, the LTC party is over and the captain has abandoned ship. Personally I'm getting out while it still holds a somewhat reasonable BTC comparison.

  3. Semen Pavlov
    Semen Pavlov says:

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  4. cujo
    cujo says:

    please dont hate but bitconnect my personal opinion is for me that 2 or 3 whales are manipulating the bitconnect coin,why because then they can convice more people not to sell and buy more of them,but i can be very wrong,but after being in the tech world for years (not tradinginvesting) its still for me a scam sorrry ,i want to work with altoin buzz in the future, fb rurouni dv

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    It actually blows my mind that everyone and their brother is forgetting the age old phrase of Buy Low Sell High. About a year ago, if you walked down the street and just asked random people "What do you know about buying and selling stocks", aside from a normal answer like, "Nothing", most people would only say "Buy Low Sell High" But now, when it comes to crypto, they alllllll forgot about that rule… Strange eh?

  6. caedmonv55
    caedmonv55 says:

    I used to feel the same about Litecoin but I don't really see the point of increasing interest in a coin that takes minutes when there are coins that take seconds such as Bitshares, Steem, Digibyte, etc. I think the market will move inexorably towards those. However Litecoin has improvements in the works that may bring it up to speed, that does give one hope.

  7. Cryptosilver Loverboy
    Cryptosilver Loverboy says:

    Syscoin, most undervalued right now still, steadily going up nicely. If you think all well-established and innovative cryptocurrency projects have already been identified and skyrocketed by now, maybe I can surprise you. Syscoin is an awakening giant I’ve been following for a while. Its parent company, Blockchain Foundry, just raised 3.3 million dollars through traditional venture capital funding (instead of an unregulated ICO) in December 2017 and is preparing to go public on the Toronto stock exchange in 2018. In contrast to many other crypto projects, Blockchain Foundry already has a functional public-beta product built on its blockchain. Its team is working full-time and consists of some of the brightest, yet humble developers in the crypto world (for some recent breakthrough achie
    vements, see R&D section).


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