Internet of People – CRYPTO IDENTITY FOR THE WORLD?! GitHub Review

Today we are discussing Internet of People (IOP) project, reviewing their GitHub and discussing the space of digital identity and digital economies! Let us know if the comment section if you have any questions.

IOP Telegram:
IOP Github:

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  1. T Sharpe
    T Sharpe says:

    So what should the public do? Especially, when a company requires the public to provide them with our personal information to play in their box. We end up giving these companies what they ask for hoping that they protect it from hackers. We are all taking a chance to play.

  2. samyvellu Muthu
    samyvellu Muthu says:

    Its just THAT same people in &out the bitcoin market.
    It will just stick to this figure 10k(magic number)& forget about adoptions n new money from bakkts. Saturation point reached.
    Too many scams n manipulations
    &unsafe to trade cryptos .that having said btc 10years is enough n it should have done so what it should hv been done by now.
    Everywhere tubers rantings n talk all the same ta day in day out. Facts of

  3. VUF Berlick
    VUF Berlick says:

    Lol and yet so few understand about the Electronic Designers Magical Digital button on our Scopes. The Magic button we use when optimizing an electronic product like a motherboard, the magic button that filters out the analog signals between our Integrated Circuits, all filled with Analog Transistors. 🤣🤣🤣


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