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Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


40 replies
  1. Andre de Jong
    Andre de Jong says:

    Up side breakout of altcoins are imminent and I belief in these altcoins Apollo, U Network, Cardano, Credit and Wavesbet because of their achivements, great features, many use cases and their bright future don`t miss it out

  2. Brian Hale
    Brian Hale says:

    All those hating on Charles over rewriting the code 3 times but all those haters will soon be glad the launch took it's time to get it right when those quantum computers crush every blockchain except Cardanpo the first trillion-dollar cryptocurrency

  3. Luke Skyfeller
    Luke Skyfeller says:

    What about if some secret organisation manages to develop an advanced quantum computer ahead of the publicly known technological advancement? There are enormous budgets world wide for secret developments. Bitcoin could be destroyed within a day, without warning.
    How can you be so sure that no secret research program is getting ahead of what we believe to be the current state of the art?

  4. boneman538
    boneman538 says:

    Entanglement is a coherency in the dielectric with another entity sometimes across great distance. Instantaneous action at a distance is a proven phenomena w regards to coherency in spin and dielectric acceleration to the null point of the two bodies. Faster than light communication has been proven, in fact, it’s regularly published in research magazines.

    Will have to find those names…however, the literature on google scholar posts tons of info on magnetism and dielectricity that allow for the local utilization of ether, which was all discussed at great lengths by Nikola Tesla + CP Steinmetz. Steinmetz had a carte blanche check from General Electric bc he perfected the AC from tesla, both whom literally gave everyone our modern world as it is today. However, free energy didn’t have a meter-dependent component of varying reliability (but dependence none the less). This was of course what governments did as they sided w Edison and JPMorgan before destroying Nikola Tesla’s tower.

    The dielectric condensate that is often called “particles” – is a perturbation out of the field, all of which are held up by either magnetism and/or absence of inertia (where nothing takes place of course). There is, however, a constant called the force in motion vector, and it encompasses all of what magnetism does, which is creating space via inertia that is lost due to the right hand rule of centrifugal divergence / ie. Magnetism gives volume to everything and the reason why light doesn’t exist at the center of a black hole is because the dielectric of inertia moves centripetally convergent to the magnetism)…

    This centrifugal divergence and centripetal convergence forms what is commonly seen as a toroidal field of magnetodielectric balancing spatially and counterspatially (irrefutable – go look at a ferrocell). The inertia in acceleration vector constant is this internal converging of the toroid/hyperboloid, which is the movement of dielectricity (coming from counterspace (unmanifest inertia)) and then losing inertia, causing a resultant polarity due to spatial factors like dielectric acceleration to ferrous objects via magnetism.

    This is all irrefutable and it all occurs at and consistently w phi and other “sacred geometries” (hence why harmonics and music were the old obsession back in the days of Plato) and many of these geometric constants w astrological phenomena+ a solar mythos align w the philosophies talked about at great length in Plato’s republic 509d + several hardcore retroductive thinkers like Pythagoras all discussed what modern physicists proved to be counterspace / dielectricity / ether. This is why FTL is possible bc light is simply a rate of induction, not a speed. (Light enters a lightbulb and then slows down – only to “hit the gas pedal” and ‘speed back up’ as it leaves the glass. This is irrefutable.

    However, one might ask how this happens w/o breaking the law of the conservation of energy. So, it’s key to then look at why there’s a difference between a 5W lightbulb and a 5W laser. It’s all about coherency. One can barely let you read at a night and another quite literally would burn a hole in your ass. Same “speed of light” though, which is a fallacy of composition / reification (when compared to what is thought of about fields + space) // it’s a rate of induction, which is also why “space” has an absence of inertia (a privation of light).

  5. Sander Alphen
    Sander Alphen says:

    Young people can't vote because they don't understand the consequences. Old people are able to vote but they don't have to undergo the consequences.

    War is old man arguing and young man dying.

    Life is unfair. Just see it how it is and handle according to it.

  6. Chuck Bell
    Chuck Bell says:

    I agree with Ivan on some issues but not on certain important ones. First of all, taxation IS theft. Taxation is not based on supply and demand or a free market economy and the value of govt services produced or delivered is not commensurate with taxes and taxes are enforced by force and threat of force, which, by definition, is theft. Outright theft. Taxation is a RIP-OFF. Furthermore, I disagree with Ivan on things like the 'global-warming' or 'climate-change' as so-called science. The climate-change controversy is entirely political, not science. The motivation is that certain globalists want to further subjugate populations with a 'carbon-tax' and is just a control mechanism whereby certain very rich people can wield more power. To fail to see through this is foolish. I do not trust the governments and banker cartels or especially the United Nations. They lie. And through the media, educational institutions, and the Keynesian financial systems in place, and particularly through taxation and inflation they are going to continue to foment wars and misery and through centralized socialistic control mechanisms, brain-washing, drugs, and every other means, they will try to retain and expand their control as Orwell and others have predicted. We have a slim chance that bitcoin can help fix this if we can spread adoption fast enough. It is a race, and we are way behind. But Ivan is right in that we need more builders and more entrepreneurs and more education to raise people's awareness of the dangers and to develop solutions. So thank you, Ivan, for helping educate people!

  7. Marc Greene
    Marc Greene says:

    Store of value can only be truly secured in proportion to humanity's claim (in the aggregate) on each individual's sovereign connection to source of life and sustenance: energy, water, earth, and each other.

  8. eiki sogame
    eiki sogame says:

    Nice video you have here. The major reason for this downward and stagnant trend is due to the fact that we are approaching a major bull run, and with the launching of bakkt, bitcoin is set to make a big upswing move. Look at the events of 2017, and what is happening now, you will notice that there is absolutely no difference from them. As a wise investor who wishes to hold more bitcoin before the bull run, you don't need to wait before then to start accumulating; instead you start now. I understand the fact that bitcoin is high a bit now, but I can assure you that it can be possible as a pro trader who has helped me accumulate over 4.5BTC for the past 2 months with just my starting 0.7BTC can equally help you achieve that.

    If you are a trader or a newcomer to the cryptocurrency space, this is the right time for you to hold more bitcoin now, and with the help of Nyberg Hansson, you won't regret your actions.

    Why not take down that doubt and contact Nyberg Hansson today through nyberghansson@gmailcom and WhatsApp +447723292381, and surely all your crypto problems will be solved.

  9. Press Play
    Press Play says:

    the best way to make quantum hacking irrelevant is to deal with crypto that have a low coin value. If you are using DGB that is only worth a buck each, no one will take the time and expense to hack it. but if you have BTC worth 10K or 100K, then it will be very worth hacking.

  10. eddie bagodonuts
    eddie bagodonuts says:

    A year from now and on and on and on all of you clowns are going to still be wondering why the price is going down and not up. The reason is manipulation.
    They've got a hold on the price, NOTHING WILL COMPETE WITH THE US DOLLAR end of story

  11. Iskren Ivanov
    Iskren Ivanov says:

    SO, we are talking about IOTA supremacy after all 😀 And btw IOTA has not consensus problem, they released a paper coordecide for decentralized coordinator which is about to be implemented. Update your information about IOTA and forget all other shitcoins and the biggest shitcoin – bitcoin 🙂 At the end of the day we are here for the long term as you always say Ivan – and the long term is about IOTA. Think about this – what if Google becomes the only block producer because its computer is much faster than all ASICs togeter. Will bitcoin be decentralized? It is not even now days – a few ASIC farms and producers control the network. Is PoW so cool now :)))


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