Bakkt Is Live! Impact Short/Long term? – Altcoins Ready For Round 2

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Bakkt is finally live! After more than a year of development, but more importantly after several times postponing the launch, it’s now there.

But, it has way less volume than people expected it to have when being launched. It currently sits at a volume of $300,000 in the first day. That’s the same amount as a very small exchange and will not impact the price at all.

What I think is that we should look at the longer timeframes and not to the first day. More explained in the video.

Second topic is the Bitcoin price and altcoin/bitcoin pairs. Bitcoin looks ripe for a move, which I still think will be down. Altcoins look like they are ready for a second round of pumping. Big alts such as ETH, LTC and LINK (and way more) all broke through their first resistance, flipped the resistance into support and retested support. Now they look ready to go again.

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  1. Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt says:

    Relatively entry level at this point doesn't matter. Whether you buy at 9k or 12k will make very little difference if bitcoin reaches 40k or whatever in the next year or so. It's when you SELL that counts. That's why I'm not stressing, yet..With the insight, skills and experience of a merchant like Mr. Rob Marcos , the sky is the limit. I came to this achievement when I made a return on investment of more than 300% in my first month using his signals to my trades. I haven't seen strategies as specific as his!! Contact him today on Telegram @Rob_marcos . Enjoy Trading!.

  2. Crypto Ninja
    Crypto Ninja says:

    Bitcoin is a joke. How it has stayed number 1 this long just because it has a famous name is shocking. Once XRP and Cardano get more famous, nobody in the world will be dumb enough to waste money on BTC. Well, I suppose there is always some dumb money that will get BTC for a dinosaur type collectors item. However, I would personally prefer to spend 10K on dinosaur bones rather than BTC.

  3. CKa3o4HuK
    CKa3o4HuK says:

    Я сделал такой эксперимент) я купил жетоны Gram за $ 1000 из телеграммы дальше и я буду ждать ровно до 31-го декабря 2019 года. Как вы думаете, сколько X-es я сделаю?))


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