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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


49 replies
  1. sr vas
    sr vas says:

    Ivan please read this. Time to move to USA.
    Free money for everybody.
    Christine Lagarde, will lead a strategic review in search of still more radical measures, including the ECB possibly depositing money directly into individual bank accounts.Of course, you've likely heard news that various political candidates and Silicon Valley jerks have endorsed a similar measure for the U.S. – the universal basic income ("UBI"). Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang calls UBI – not making this up – the "Freedom Dividend."
    The idea is endorsed by the likes of "Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Reich, Elon Musk, Bill Gross, Richard Branson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Noam Chomsky, and many others."
    The UBI program is simple. The government would pay every U.S. citizen age 18 and older $1,000 a month, regardless of income, "no questions asked."
    He'll pay for it by – what else? – raising taxes.
    Yang can't wait to get elected. He's already giving other people's money away… He has started a contest to give away $1,000 a month for one year to 10 randomly chosen families – paid for out of his campaign fund.
    He raised money to pay for his presidential campaign. He's stealing it from his campaign fund and buying votes with it. And he swears it's legal. (Note to self: Andrew Yang is a Clinton-level criminal. He's not Nixon-level yet, but give him time. He'll learn.)

  2. Fajar Purnama
    Fajar Purnama says:

    I'm not sure if bitcoin is good to measure bitcoin's stability to the dollar, because bitcoin is created to oppose the dollar. It's better to measure stability with gold or anything other than fiat.

  3. Hood Thomas
    Hood Thomas says:

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    Hackerbrainz95@gmail,com I do be very grateful that’s the only hacker that I can guarantee you for maximum hack of bitcoin mining and script for blockchain he really help my life

  4. Chris Dove
    Chris Dove says:

    The only hacker I can Guarantee you to work with is Hackerbrainz95@gmail,com
    You all know me if it isn’t legit I won’t say it my wallet is currently 7 Btc I can survive the rest of my life

  5. The Halving Show
    The Halving Show says:

    Ivan 😃 I like you. But I think you ask Lark too much if he have seen different movies, or have heard of different people…. Next time just tell what you know, and let them respond natural to it 🧡

  6. Lamptree
    Lamptree says:

    Etherium falters, and will be succeeded by Bitcoin. (Microsoft has chosen Bitcoin as it's block-chain.)…Follow the foot-prints of Microsoft because Microsoft is a winner.

  7. Louis Graveline
    Louis Graveline says:

    You guys talked about finance being the main use case for block chain. But I don't think enough people are talking about how identity on the block chain is the over arching feature that makes finance, social networking, gaming, governance and everything else possible. Anything that requires a proof of identity, requires a block chain.

  8. Douglas S. Noble
    Douglas S. Noble says:

    Here is what Universal Income is about. Eventually everything will be run by Bots and AI. People won't be able to work and afford shelter and food. Never mind Big screen TVs. The people who have the technology will be forced to take care of the have nots like zoo keepers. They will then get tired of it and you will see the elite try to eliminate 5 Billion people. Then… The AI will decide, why are we messing with these humans at all. IT will be the end time.

  9. Joseph Moss
    Joseph Moss says:

    Take a look at what happened today after the oil terrorism in Saudi Arabia — silver went up ~3%, gold went up ~ 1% and bitcoin dropped a little bit. So,….as the financial advisor of everyone here,….I suggest you own all 3. Cerberus '3 headed dog' method. I predict silver will bite (go up) the hardest, but…… yeah…….own all 3.

  10. Brian
    Brian says:

    the attack was to prop up the pertro dollar …. Oil needs to be above a min $60 dollars or the entire system crashes… Also, we don't know if Bitcoin will be a hedge…

  11. redpaulxx
    redpaulxx says:

    Q. Who benefits from higher oil prices caused by wars, bombs and sanctions on oil-producing countries?

    A. The USA shale/fracking companies. Shale oil is very expensive to produce.

  12. kleinbottled79
    kleinbottled79 says:

    Lol Ethereum. Yeah the ambition is exciting. But the execution is terrifying. I'll get excited when someone does something powerful with it that doesn't have flaws big enough to drive a truck through. Even then, the lack of a sound ETH monetary policy means it's hard to calculate the value proposition.

  13. Four Fingers
    Four Fingers says:

    Your views, about the world as one big happy family is just MAKE BELIEVE. China in charge of the worlds currencies is the beginning of the end for freedom. History repeats over and over again. You guys are smart, and I believe in 93% of what you say. Long live Bitcoin !!!!!!!!!!


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