The U.S. Government Will Fail to Stop Bitcoin; Here's Why


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Article on US Treasury, Crypto and Terrorism:

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39 replies
  1. peter DAVIS
    peter DAVIS says:

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  2. Joshua Oliver
    Joshua Oliver says:

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  3. Happy Hands
    Happy Hands says:

    PATRIOT ACT. DO NOT TAKE TERRORISM LIGHTLY. Govt can target us citizens, seize assets, relinquish all rights to include right to an attorney and fair/speedy trial. Also, gives govt right to determine GUILTY until proven innocent. DO NOT MAKE LIGHT OF THE US TREASURY, IRS, OR INTELLIGENCE. Fatal mistake

  4. Norris Masters
    Norris Masters says:

    Nice analysis, thanks for the video. Lets wait for the party – it will will be fun when BTC is at trillion market cap. That's the moment I'm waiting for because at that point its not a scare anymore, its reality hitting all gov'ts and man! they're going to fight back. They will not win but they will try – soon after that it will be difficult to buy Bitcoin anywhere—most will ban it!

  5. Hapsard
    Hapsard says:

    First let me say I am on the side of Bitcoin and crypto, but taking the Petro as an example and the reason the US is working to ban it is that it IS a way to bypass sanctions and other forms of non military forms of diplomatic protest that governments use to work against nation's doing "bad things" (agree or disagree with this specific case … just an example). Bitcoin of course can be used in the same way including transferring money outside of the banking networks to terrorists.

    I agree with you that there are many governments around the world using the fear card to maintain control, and that many have little idea what they are talking about. That doesn't mean that someone couldn't make some legitimate arguments about how crypto is undercutting some of the basic tools of diplomacy and policing, and we as advocates for crypto as a new normal are going to have to come up with some answers to help them (politicians/law enforcement) come with us into this better future.

  6. senses2000
    senses2000 says:

    How about all those dollars going to false flaggers? Those terrorists worry me much more. How about Silverstein's insurance received for his pulling? That's real Rothschild Zionist banker terrorism on Americans.

  7. av40229
    av40229 says:

    The U.S. Dollar (example Obama sending Iran 4.3 billion) has funded more evil than worldwide versus anything and will be ban come 2021 when we go back to Gold standard.
    A flood of money will be moving into precious metals and crypto mid to late next year.

  8. John Blatner
    John Blatner says:

    I would like to remind everyone who exactly this munckin guy is. Goldman sax scum who while in charge of foreclosures in California was guilty of over 1000 foreclosure violations. That means he illegally took thousands of peoples homes away illegally and munchkin never got prosecuted. Then trump put him where he is in charge of the treasury. The US DC scum are in charge of the biggest terrorist group in the world. I disgusted. They can't stop btc. Bunch of blowhard that can't even budget. And all the while they are getting richer. I'd say munchkin is definitely a terrorist.

  9. Old Fart In Crypto
    Old Fart In Crypto says:

    The us could ban citizens from using it. It's simple, there are to many gov officials and politicians in btc to go against it. This is all fear tactics which will end when the clean up and public awaking is resolute! I personally think it's all a bunch BULLSHIT!

  10. John Flynn
    John Flynn says:

    Dont underestimate the power that is in power. AI with quantum computing could kill bitcoin if they figure out how to get it to work. It could at the very least figure out private keys of targets, while not killing the network erase confidence in it. Compromising a enough private keys along with media control and stories of people losing their savings can kill it.

  11. Giak Q
    Giak Q says:

    They can easily shut down fiat crypto on-ramps. This would be devastating but not deadly. It would halt mass adoption. The few crypto believers left would have a real hard time buying crypto like it was in the beginning with Bitcoin. Like wiring money to an exchange in some foreign country and waiting 10 days to then be able to buy illegally. You get the point.

  12. SonyJimable
    SonyJimable says:

    It is so typical of them to try and smear the brand of Bitcoin by associating it with something nefarious. Cash is also getting a bad wrap as Governments attempt to lock everyone into banking system, prevent capital outflows when they hit negative interest rates, and when banks need a bail-in from deposits…

    Truth is even cash is used only at low levels of the black market (street level) whereas the bulk of wealth controlled by organised crime is transferred electronically through the banking system. The United Nations quote between 2-5% of global GDP is laundered so that is more than $2 trillion and as you can figure out – its not being moved around in physical cash under bed mattresses or stuffed in cookie jars. It is certainly not being done in BTC… It is washed by big corporations and that trillion dollar business belongs to the banksters who love the fees they earn…

    Funding of "terrorists" (mercenary armies) is a kings game because it is extremely expensive. Two BTC wallets each with $5,000 isn't going to train an army. Lets be clear; mercenary soldiers are the tool of powerful organisations who can afford accountants, lawyers, politicians and to pay for the right media spin. Terrorism is an extreme PR stunt designed to coerce and promote a narrative within target populations.

  13. Escape Felicity
    Escape Felicity says:

    Let's see if I got this right. People would rather take a guaranteed loss in bonds rather than risk a loss in stocks.

    I keep muttering to myself, the world can't get it's head any further up it's ass.
    And I keep getting proven wrong.


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