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I’m back, I swear. We’re talking about why I dropped off the face of the earth and what’s on deck for the channel. Let’s talk about Binance and their move out/in the US and Libra’s battle with European regulators.

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  1. Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy says:

    YES!! 100% I'm moving everything to Binance US. I think BNB will rock when the US catches on. Time will tell. …. I'm also a huge ADA fan! …… Thanks for all you do, Rob! I enjoy all of your videos. I hope I can buy you a beer, sometime! Peace…

  2. Philip McAlister
    Philip McAlister says:

    Bobby, quite a few of us had also had POT companies out of college…It was the 60's and 70's, that's just what we did to supplement out income through the lean times… I Hope you too have some good POT to sell too. Best Wishes…

  3. jloiterer
    jloiterer says:

    On some levels the only thing Binance has to offer was access to 200+ coins. The only way the compete with coinbase or Gemini with the limited assortment of crypto’s Binance US will offer initially is fees.

  4. Ke.
    Ke. says:

    Hopefully your channel can help drive your business and vice versa. Running your own business is well worth the effort once the hard work starts to pay off…

  5. Propergol
    Propergol says:

    seeing how USA tries to destroy everything that is not USA, even earth, I wont start a video saying bad thing on other countries…
    The trust other countries have in USA now shrink near to zero, if not less 😉

  6. ChronoFlation
    ChronoFlation says:

    Libra really feels like it's Facebook trying to spoil the soil for crypto. Seems like they're trying to push governments to act in a way that only they, and possibly other large tech giants, could afford to function under. Ever since they announced their stuff crypto has been in a tizzy, prices have all but halted the rise they were on, and, at best, stagnated after falling a bit. Maybe they're trying to create FUD with government regulation to disrupt the market until their product is ready. They're too big brother-y for me to not be skeptical, at least

  7. Thompson Udeme
    Thompson Udeme says:

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