Could a Bitcoin Rally be Coming? Still Holding On

The Bitcoin price has gone stale over the last few days after a mini rally from below $6k to just around $6700. We are all waiting for some upward movement, but that may talk some time.

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    Don't worry Jeff. It's the Chinese New Year. Things will bounce back. Just look at the chart in January-March from the past 3 years…..

    ….OHHH WAIT, I forgot, it's already July. FUCK.

  2. Ali Efendi Kartop
    Ali Efendi Kartop says:

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  3. John Laurindo
    John Laurindo says:

    Jeff, If you liked Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich", check out Wallace D. Wattles " The Science of Getting Rich". It was written in 1910. The book "The Secret" was based on this book by Wallace D. Wattles.

  4. mightyachilles1
    mightyachilles1 says:

    Sell everything boys, sit on cash and wait for the big dump. The only big players left now are some whales and the exchanges. Theres gonna be a cataclysmic drop when one of them finally gives in. Wait to pounce when btc hits 2000 or less.

  5. islandbee
    islandbee says:

    Stay cool Jeff. Don't let idiots like Max Powers get to you. Remember, Bitcoin has gone through this cycle before and there is more innovation that is coming into the space. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Tajinder Singh
    Tajinder Singh says:

    TBH – Jeffs a good guy and done well. Find your own bottom and research but take what you need from this channel and use it and leave the rest behind. Anyhow 5.4k is coming then up – (remember when there is despair then its time to buy – right now there still is hope..soon as you lose hope THINK BUY)

  7. chris
    chris says:

    Too many people are getting in this just for the money. There is so much technology behind this Market that most people want to just get into become Millionaires and become rich. Yes that's great and that's cool and all but the main thing that you're missing is when you're dealing with this kind of technology which is going to go a lot higher as time goes on it's just a matter of waiting you can't force it up you can't force it down.

    The technology is not going anywhere. For people who want to run and sell and freak out, oh my God I'm losing all this money, those are the people who are in it just for the money and not for the technology and you got to constantly hold their hands to make them feel better.

    Those are the kinds of people that really should not be investing in this market because they don't have the ability or wherewithal to deal with the ups and downs that go on this way

    Crypto is in the beginning phases. This Market is going to look very different in another 10 years. But rest assured this Market isn't going anywhere.

    when you see prices dip and drop just look at it like it's a sale. Everything is on sale. All of those coins you talk so great about are now at cheaper prices. Put your money where your mouth is and start buying the dips instead of crying about them. In the future five years down the road you will look back at these prices and say oh my goodness I wish I had purchased a lot more. But a lot of fear will keep people from buying more because they are already scared about the current positions they hold.

  8. Vas1984
    Vas1984 says:

    This max guy has to be a troll 100% loves being a little bitch behind his keyboard. Also how could a 12yr old living in his mommys basement, work for Barclays for 40yrs

  9. Darryl Strawberry
    Darryl Strawberry says:

    $4k btc coming. Easily. For complete destruction of all cryptos. And what a waste of a video. Another reason why cryptos crashing for hodlers like this that are clueless about what is really going on behind the scenes with banks and big money and their plan to bring cryptos to its knees!!!


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